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    sev120 reacted to Netduma Jack in Unknown device?   
    Hi - welcome to the forum! You should select the Xbox Live service for PC games, since this covers all the necessary ports for all PC games. You won't need to look in the advanced tab. Let me know if these settings work for you:
    - 1000km Distance - 0 Ping Assist - Strict Mode On - If less than 50mbps, Pre-emptive Algorithm. If more, Reactive Algorithm - 70% anti-flood - Share excess enabled - Reset device prioritisation & apply - Enable UPnP and remove any Port Forwarding rules - Disable deep packet in misc - Ensure the ethernet cables you're using connecting the R1 to hub & R1 to PC are Cat5e+/can handle your speeds. - Do an Internet Diagnosis test
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    sev120 reacted to ColonicBoom in Unknown device?   
    Check the devices' IP and/or MAC addresses, then name them in the field on the Netduma.
    Google 'mac vendor lookup', pick a site, enter the MAC address that's displayed on the Netduma and the website will tell you what sort of device it is. It might not tell you exactly which device it is (if you have multiple iPhones for example) but it will narrow it down enough that you can quickly check the IP/MAC within the device settings.
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    Go to misc settings, click apply cloud settings... wait a minute or two, reboot  from the reboot button in misc settings and your devices should be named once it turns back on.
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    sev120 reacted to ColonicBoom in Unknown device?   
    I thought there was a method to get it to name things... Couldn't remember what it was though.
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