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  1. Ping Assist will be added the next two updates, not sure when those updates will be rolled out for the XR500 probably in a few weeks, not sure about peer ping etc.
  2. using chrome, removed the Flower and re pinned everything else back, everything works now
  3. sorry about the size of the image, how do I go about fixing this bugged dashboard look not showing geo map, or flower, or can it only be fixed by a update?
  4. Just purchased the XR500 couldn't wait any longer ships the 22nd this month be back in stock the 20th.

    1. BIG__DOG


      how is it now after spending a few days with it?



      sorry for the late reply, to be honest it's awesome much more usability not like the old firmware on the R1 being limited, love the new bandwidth allocation you can fine tune it for whatever mbps for each every device, one of the things I was looking forward too, just on my hit list to try I'm sure also for everyone else too is Anti jitter and Spike Technology sometime after the release of dumaOS on the R1 April, and still do have the R1 just sitting in the closet for now. :)



      and to let you know with the anti bufferbloat still not able to find a sweet spot for bufferbloat, but a lot has to do with the crappy netcode for WWII and servers no such thing as a router that can fix a shitty game just been jumping back and forth from BO3 and WWII BO3 plays much much smoother, so when or if you get the XR500 in the UK try out both games you'll notice a big form the two games differences, you will also notice WWII seems to play like crap more than BO3, you'll have c...

  5. This is very understandable, the move Netduma took with partnership with Netgear, will just help Netduma grow even more, with netgears future routers with DUMAOS will just get better, just slightly a disappointment the routerboard Netduma R1 owners have to wait till April 18, but sense Netgear now has their hands full with DumaOS they also have the say with the Netduma team, but all for it just still a little disappointed with the April official release.

    Netduma OS

    No ETA for Dumaos, Netduma team said they may announce it Next month, I guess if everything goes well. only time will tell.
  7. it's completely on the SHG developers side, every time they do a update it messes with everyone's settings, wish there was a permanent fix for it, but don't exist, even dumaOS wouldn't be able to fix the mess with CoD WW2, now for like Bo2 and before that, it would stay consistent, I think with the new CoD's they change everything on purpose, so there would be now real fix for the lag.
  8. I keep seening thse videos on you tube but I don't see any netduma settings must be clickbait, anyways no hate you gotta do what you gotta do for views.
  9. first off it's not the Netduma, I can play Bo3 and other FPS shooters works well for those games, for WW2 it's a hit or miss, if they got rid of the lag, took SBMM out of the game gave first DLC free the game would be great, and netduma would help with that but the game is so broken Netduma does nothing to it to fix the lag, bad lobbies, bad connection people from joining.
  10. It's like they turned up SBMM in WW2 sense the last update

  11. What is your DOWN and UPLOAD speeds? make sure IPV6 is disabled in WAN and LAN plus miscellaneous, set bandwidth in Set bandwidth section the speeds you get, not what you pay for. make sure sliders are at 100% reactive to see true speeds. http://beta.speedtest.net/
  12. Isn't it funny you go HAM on WW2 30-2 and it kicks you from the game half way done with the match, they gotta cover their ass for the shareholders of Activision, if you are winning to much.

    1. major masingil

      major masingil

      why would they care? i am getting kicked on my best games tho



      Same here man every game I go good I get kicked

  13. I think DUMAOS would be a nice Christmas present, who agrees?? lol hope we don't wait another year

  14. guess I'll wait for Dedicated servers to come back up, save me the frustration with P2P connections, been 21 hours sense SHG said the Servers were going down, so hope they fix it all together, more consistent gameplays, and 1 on 1 gun fights. hoping anyways, alot to ask for.
  15. it worked but I had to have PA at 63ms so still shitty lobbies shoot first die first, instant death, I first tried 40ms wasn't able to find a lobby with strict mode off.
  16. it will still take a noticeable amount of time to find a lobby with PA only stick mode off though if it works, give it a try.
  17. sure it wasn't a coincidence, they changed something with the servers, plus when the update rolled out, the servers went offline, went strictly to P2P, try PA only with strick mode off, see if that makes a difference.
  18. you can only set your Ping Assist at your base home ping a few numbers up, if you home ping lets say is 30ms set it to 35-40ms, plus I don't think Netduma firmware 1.03.6 is configured for PA only for IW or WW2 until DumaOS release if they kept that feature, I tried PA only for IW it never worked, I had to set the PA to like 50-80ms for it to work, with location in the ocean. plus I think Activision has been changing around the servers for some time sense the launch of WW2, right now the servers are down for maintenance.
  19. they turned off the Dedicated servers, or something happened to them, thats why were getting P2P connections right now, till they fix their dedi servers.
  20. Turn off geo filter, or stick mode, you will find games.

    Duma 2.0

    the DUMAOS 2.0 software will only work with the hardware Netduma supplies, the software won't work with Netgear or TP Link Or asus hardware with dumaos software, either there is something not going right with the software, or there waiting for Patents to clear which could take up to 2-6 months to clear. we will never know because we don't get any updated news about it, not for a while anyways.

    Duma 2.0

    hoping to see DumaOS 2.0 sometime November, but I only hope, any news about it went dark.
  23. Way for Activision to screw you big time, all they care about now is just the money not the actual game, a call of duty game might as well be a gambling casino now, they see how weak little kids are so they gonna strangle out that money till they are bone dry, and the game is dead, reason the franchise will die, unless activison will get their heads out of there ass and fix this issue, but they won't Greedy people.
  24. I've came across a few Core TDM matches someone on the other team I am shooting starts glitching, skipping, in the killcam he glitches, and skips, when I die he stops glitching, and skipping, like he has a weird lag switch to gain kills, when he isn't that good.
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