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  1. +1 for this too, access from WAN is a kinda of mandatory stuff...
  2. Hi, +1 to topicstarter, really need WOL as soon as possible...
  3. Tried to use port forwarding instead of UPnP, didn't help, got 2 disconects... Then tried your suggestion & disable turbo mode, played something like 7 matches without issues... I will test more then.
  4. Ok. I will also try to forwards ports instead of using UPnP
  5. Hi, Netduma can really help with WL & other matches, you can measure real ping to servers for instance... However I got new kind of problems with Netduma - disconnect issues, which is not solved yet...
  6. Hi Fraser, In general Netduma helps me to determine good servers to play, however I started to get disconnects very often when using Netduma in Fifa 17. It happens both for weekend league & online draft matches. For instance during last WL I got 6 disconnects during 30 matches... Just played draft I had dc in the 3rd match...And there were more cases like that. Even when I disable geo/host filtering, the issue is still happens. The behavior is always same - disconnect occurs in the beginning of the match (like 20-30 seconds from the start). It says "You have lost connection to EA servers"... I don't have this issue when using standard router. In both cases I use cable connection. Any thoughts what in Netduma may cause that?
  7. Hi Fraser, When are u gonna add locations that I provided few weeks ago?
  8. No problem, can you please share those IPs when you have time to decode them? And it will be awesome if you can fix locations before next weekend.
  9. Hi, Here is more data from my weekend league matches: ID: 7d9f4e193c1c9499 Distance:9681km, ping52ms ID: 7d9f4f1a3c1c9499 Distance:9681km, ping39ms ID: ad9f9c673c4c9499 Distance:9681km, ping60ms ID: ad9fa7723c4c9499 Distance:9681km, ping61ms ID: ad9f9d683c4c9499 Distance:9681km, ping68ms ID: 7d9f58233c1c9499 Distance:9681km, ping37ms ID: 7d9f5e293c1c9499 Distance:9681km, ping37ms ID: 7d9f5a253c1c9499 Distance:9681km, ping41ms ID: 7d9f511c3c1c9499 Distance:9681km, ping41ms ID: 7d9f521d3c1c9499 Distance:9681km, ping38ms ID: 7d9f4c173c1c9499 Distance:9681km, ping68ms ID: 7d9f56213c1c9499 Distance:9681km, ping42ms ID: 7d9f612c3c1c9499 Distance:9681km, ping38ms ID: ad9f8d583c4c9499 Distance:9681km, ping57ms ID: 7d9f59243c1c9499 Distance:9681km, ping36ms ID: ad9fa36e3c4c9499 Distance:9681km, ping56ms ID: 7d9f5c273c1c9499 Distance:9681km, ping37ms ID: 7d9f5d283c1c9499 Distance:9681km, ping37ms ID: 7d9f5f2a3c1c9499 Distance:9681km, ping42ms ID: ad9f844f3c4c9499 Distance:9681km, ping54ms ID: 7d9f57223c1c9499 Distance:9681km, ping37ms ID: ad9fa46f3c4c9499 Distance:9681km, ping87ms ID: 7d9f541f3c1c9499 Distance:9681km, ping39ms ID: 7d9f622d3c1c9499 Distance:9681km, ping43ms ID: 7d9f602b3c1c9499 Distance:9681km, ping41ms Is it possible to find out IPs from these descriptors?
  10. If that has any sense in the right location determining, here is my settings for geo-location (physically I'm in Ukraine, Kyiv, but set geo-radius as on the screen to avoid connections to Asia/eastern part.
  11. Hi Fraser, Played 10 weekend league matches today, had more or less normal connection, but all the time servers mislocated. Below info: ID: 7d9f612c3c1c9499 Distance: 9681km ping 38 ms Ukraine, Kyiv ID: ad9f8b563c4c9499 Distance: 9681km ping 55ms ID: 7d9f521d3c1c9499 Distance: 9681km ping 38 ID: 7d9f4f1a3c1c9499 Distance: 9681km ping 40 ID: 7d9f5b263c1c9499 Distance: 9681km ping 43 ID: ad9f8a553c4c9499 Distance: 9681km ping 68 ID: 7d9f622d3c1c9499 Distance: 9681km ping 43 ID: 7d9f521d3c1c9499 Distance: 9681km ping 38 ID: 7d9f4c173c1c9499 Distance: 9681km ping 38 ID: ad9fa8733c4c9499 Distance: 9681km ping 56 ID: 7d9f511c3c1c9499 Distance: 9681km ping 42 ID: 7d9f5c273c1c9499 Distance: 9681km ping 38
  12. I'm fine, new box works as expected Thanks, that a good point to know about ping assist. Will try those settings during the weekend.
  13. Hi Fraser, Hope you're doing well What is the best way to optimize settings for weekend league for Fifa 17? I'm located in Ukraine and most likely usually connected to server in Ireland... I think server in Netherlands also exists, but not sure how often I'm on it... Should I use geo-filter or ping assist would be better? I tried once ping assist and set limit to 70ms, but got 2 disconnects during the game (not sure if it was Netduma or EA servers as usual)...So I have a question - if I set limit 70ms for ping, then match starts and suddenly (my opponent's inet, server lag, my own Inet) pings raises, let's say to 90. Will Netduma drop the connection in that case and I will get disconnect?
  14. Hi, Today I got a replacement and have to say it's different story Local test: Remote test: Thank you for help & assistance! P.S. As a wi-fi professional I have to say that default Wi-Fi settings on Netduma are not optimal - it's much better to have default channel 1 or 6 or 11 (current is 7) to have lower interference with neighboring networks; it should be WPA2-PSK and not WPA-PSK2. Just change it in the next update:)
  15. Just tried to downgrade to 1.0.36g. Process went fine, but results are still same. Now numbers that I enter in WAN section remain, but it doesn't have influence on upload... I have like 500 Mbit/s download with Netduma and 0 upload.
  16. Yes, it's true, 5 pm your time. Deal then.
  17. Thank you. I posted topic here: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/20832-almost-0-upload-speed-for-all-devices1x1/ I'm available tomorrow on Monday almost all day - starting from 11 CET till 22. If you can't on Monday, then we can try on Wednesday, 18 CET.
  18. Hi, Firmware version: R1 debug version 1.03.6h running on rb-951g-2hnd The issue you are having (include as many details as possible and a link to the original thread about your issue): General suport topic is here :http://forum.netduma.com/topic/20800-almost-0-upload-speed/ The issue is that I have almost 0 upload speed (varies from 0 to 1-2 Mbit/s on ALL devices connected via Netduma). All suggested options described in FAQs & manuals applied without success ‚ÄčTimes/dates available: Monday from 11CET - 22 CET, Wednesday 18:00 CET
  19. No, since it's fully functional & verified by cable tester Fluke Linksprinter 300 (and it was actually swapped 2 days ago, I asked my ISP to replace it to have Gigabit connection). I also tried to put that cable directly to my PC & I have 700-800 Mbit/s download/upload using that way.
  20. Yes..Of course I have much lower download, around 100 Mbits/s but it's expected & normal... But upload is still around 1 Mbit/s...
  21. Hi, But the issue is same when I'm connected to Netduma's Wi-Fi... Is it possible to use another port as WAN port? I believe the issue in in port1 (WAN port), is there any way to get access to console to check it's mode, maybe some rx\tx stats, errors, etc?
  22. Is it possible to get 1x1 support? Monday for instance, like 11 CET?
  23. It's not about device I'm testing speeds... It's bad on ALL kind devices - wired PC, Wi-Fi devices (Asus 68AC adapter, Galaxy S7). On all devices I have very poor upload speed (0-2 Mbit/s) which is really noticeable even with usual web-surfing. At the same time, when I just plug my ISP cable to my wired PC, I have 700 Mbit/s dowload & 800 Mbit/s upload... But with Netduma everything is ruined...
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