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  1. Tried DMZ, tried Port Forwarding... didn't fix anything.
  2. Ping's the same.... it's the way the game responds... has something to do with ports or reaction timing or something.
  3. well, tbh I honestly only game valorant nowadays and I bought the NetDumaR2 because I've always been a supporter since the NetDumaR1. Right now I get better gameplay from my linksys gigabit router. No idea why. I've tried all different configurations. GG
  4. Odd that the missing ones seem to be on the East Coast of the U.S. I would think getting an ip list of the servers would be easy... seeing as programs like ExitLag and a few others exclusively connect to the servers...
  5. That's interesting because I'm typically the Host of the Games I play in, which is saying a lot. How do I know I'm the host? Because when I drop out of lobbies in WWII, I can see just before I leave that the game is searching for a new Host. So if I'm the host and anyone can connect to me even with my "Strict" geofilter settings, then what in the bajeesus are any of those settings for? @Fraser - Everyone will complain indeed because people have invested $60-$100 into a game that took three years to develop (supposedly), and while server issues are a constant in COD irrespective the game, they simply cannot get it right from game to game... As if this issue were new... Every year it's a recurrent theme... no one wants to wait for them to fix the issue because it seems a moot point... it seems they should have had this already figured out off the bat!
  6. So here's the deal: I've stopped using my NetDumaR1 entirely for WW2. I run all COD games with a friend of mine who lives in Texas. I've "Tracert" to him and I get between a 60-70ms ping. Generally it takes 13-14 hops to get to him. He also has a NetDumaR1 and when we both get into lobbies in WW2 we can never land kills on anyone in Core or HC. That's when we both use our NetDumas. When I take off my NetDuma I still get 2 bar/3 bar connections (Yellow). I understand that only ISPs can do something about PING aka the amount of gateways it takes to relay the information from one to another. So I had him set up his geographical regions to encompass east Coast, Texas to Boston and add me to his router. Even still, we still get crappy connections and there are still people entering the lobbies that don't meet the threshold able to enter the lobbies even with him using the Strict Parameter. Bottom line is the NetDumaR1 isn't working as intended for this game. I'll use the NetDuma for IW for not for WW2 and that says a lot considering I haven't played IW since WW2 came out. We get people from South America, Europe, and Everywhere that don't meet that parameters. Also there's no amount of throttling or maxing out the speed that will help. At this point I don't know what to do about any of this. Verizon FIOS 1Gbps/1Gbps Normal Router PS4 Pro
  7. Yea fat fingers in the keypad. I'm sure what I want is to give a certain device a finite amount of bandwidth irrespective anything... was it already a thread? Yea... my message indicated that it was a thread 11 months ago... it was archived too... so it's something that clearly has been requested.
  8. Well I don't use twitch so that's a moot point. I simply want to dictate the speeds my 30 devices get as opposed to the algorithm prioritization takes on. Irrespective what I'm trying to achieve, the end state is less important the function. I want my PS4 to have 5Mbps Up&Down. I want that to happen without having to cap my device lower than I need to. If Congestion Control sliders were end all be all, I'd be the only one with an original idea... but it seems there are many many others who have asked for this feature.
  9. No I don't think you understand correctly... unticking that check mark will still not have the desired effect... if I place my PS4 on 1... 1% of say 100%... that's 30Mbps... if you read the post I have FIOS 300/300. I want to set it to 5Mbps/5Mpbs. Manually. I found that when I uncheck that box for some reason... it removes the cap.
  10. I was having a similar issue with my PS4 where the Game itself would only display on Moderate... It seems the IW would only "on UPnP" acquisition the incorrect port handlers for 3074, where 3074 should have been under "DESC" "DemonwarePortMapping" it was not, it was simply "IP Address". The solution ultimately was to turn off UPnP, quit any open instances of IW... Turn on Settings ->UPnP □ "click check box"; Open either BO3 or MW Remastered, go to Multiplayer to provision the correct port handler, then close the game. Afterward try connecting to IW and you should see IW will be OPEN under NAT Type. This post here: LINK is the full discussion on what we did to identify the very same issue. I hope it fixes your problem. Also, I don't use any other routers as a go between but I do use an extender. What I'm saying is I don't rent a modem/router from the ISP, because I have VerizonFIOS and FIOS doesn't lead a coax, just an RJ45/cat6 cable. So I save myself the $10-$15 rental charge from the provider. But if your provider is using a coaxial to give you internet then obviously keep what you are using, otherwise you can save yourself $120-$180/yr. If your provider does use an RJ45/Cat6 cable to give you the internet let me know, you'll want to obviously save the money, send back the router, call the ISP, have the reprovision your service to the mac address of the Netduma alone, and then you'll be all set! Cheers!!!
  11. EmOmega

    Am i wrong?

    Unfortunately, you are the victim of LAG Compensation. It happens. I counted 5 hit markers from you, keep in mind you are using the KBAR, a real shitty HC AR. I don't even use it on HC. I'll use it on Core all day. But for AR options on HC my go to's are the R3K and NV4, I won't mess with the unreliable VOLK, Type-2, KBAR, haven't tried the R-VN or ARX-160. www.youtube.com/c/EmOmega Check out LINK for more information on the pesky LAG Compensation... It's a doozy...
  12. I can say for sure that Simjc74 VIDEO a big Youtube'er and Frequent Netduma Raver doesn't have many issues with this as you must have... I'd recommend reaching out to him along of course with the recommendations others may have on this post... Watching his videos is what turned me on to the Netduma in the first place. I suspect he doesn't have any problems finding lobbies. One of his videos talks about the time of day when you are trying to connect, jitter and ping, and the different countries you may be trying to connect to in relation to your region. It does seem odd that you'd be having issues connecting. I do remember that BO3 had a fantastic setting that told you the % of players per game mode you were trying to play. So if for example you are trying to search for HCTDM, you may find less lobbies than if you were looking for CDOM. What Game Modes are you trying to play?
  13. I've been trying to specifically limit my PS4 vicariously through my laptop... So, I've been trying to find the sweet "buffer bloat" spot by testing my laptop in various settings... unfortunately I can't set a fixed speed for it... Capping my upload & download for the purposes of streaming isn't a viable option because I stream at 1080p @ 8Mbps. I have FIOS 300/300 and it would only make sense that I should be able to set apart something similar to a QOS. If I cap my UP & Down at 80% My Primary Router is the Netduma R1 and all the devices go either directly to the Netduma or connect via an 8-port switch to the Netduma. It seems like a poor design to not be able to set a finite speed, also I was considering having a 2Gbps line run... I noticed that the cap can go no lower than 10%... trying to achieve this prompts errors... According to the link on the bottom of the page, 11 months ago, you folks were going to release a feature that allowed this on the "next update"... I'm sure we many many many updates into the future... Not trying to blast anyone here... just trying to figure out how we CAN truly make this the BEST gaming Router in the World. At this point I'm simply better for the money with a Nighthawk... QOS seemed to work better for me when I was using it as I could use QOS on a per device basis... and it was set it and forget it... http://forum.netduma.com/topic/14374-feature-request-limit-uploaddownload-to-specific-speeds-for-specific-devices/
  14. AND THE WINNER OF ALL THE FORUM TOPICS FOR ALL IW GOES TO: "TryHardUndies" I've created a DB link of what the UPnP settings create for MW which it fails to do so correctly for IW.... https://www.dropbox.com/s/fjhbqikcfm3c2u4/Capture.PNG?dl=0 BTW for those who are asking about what VERIZON Router I'm using... I'm not... I refuse to use a VERIZON router... I have the Duma why plug into anything else??? If the Duma can DMZ on it's own... if it has it's own FW protections built inside... why not go directly to the source... thus... the RJ5/CAT6 is plugged directly and provisioned to the Duma. All the settings above in the initial comment stand the same... Port Forwarding Disabled, UPnP Enabled, UPnP Forwarding Disabled. So with that in mind, a patch may be on the forefront of someone's mind??? This solution will fix EVERYONES IW problems... GOOD FIND Undies, Good Find... You are a scholar and AND a Gentleman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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