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    EmOmega got a reaction from MrGurnsss in UL/DL Fixed Speed   
    Good to know. Any speculation on the release of DumaOS? 
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    EmOmega reacted to ColonicBoom in UL/DL Fixed Speed   
    Surely 1% of 300 is 3, not 30...
    Set the PS4 to 2% or 3% Up and Down, uncheck 'Share Excess' (on both) and then adjust the Anti-Flood sliders until you hit 5mb.
    It sounds like what you want to do is set the PS4 bandwidth at a certain amount, then exclude the PS4 from the 'Share Excess' functionality but still allow the other devices to share the excess. This is not currently possible but...
    You can make suggestions in the 'suggestions' thread, it would be much more helpful than "I want" in an off-topic thread. Did you check if it's been written in there already and if not you wrote it in there?
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    EmOmega reacted to RADDY1993 in Replace a Laptop DVD Optical Drive with Hard Drive   
    Laptop running out of storage space? Have no use for a CD/DVD Optical Drive no more? Why not use the Optical Drive space to put a hard drive or SSD Solid State Drive in its place. You can use a very affordable HDD caddy to slot into the CD/DVD Rom Drive bay.

    Install A Hard Drive Or SSD In Your Notebook's Optical Bay
    Zheino Aluminum Universal 9.5mm or 12.7mm Hard Drive Caddy SATA to SATA 2nd HDD caddy Hard disk tray adapter enclosure replacement

    Zheino 12.7MM Aluminum SATA 2nd Hard Disk Drive Caddy Case Adapter For Universal Laptop CD / DVD-ROM Optical Bay 

    Zheino 9.5MM Aluminum SATA 2nd Hard Disk Drive Caddy Case Adapter For Universal Laptop CD / DVD-ROM Optical Bay 

    Video By Britec09
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    EmOmega got a reaction from TryHardUndies in Back to Moderate   
    I've created a DB link of what the UPnP settings create for MW which it fails to do so correctly for IW....
    BTW for those who are asking about what VERIZON Router I'm using... I'm not... I refuse to use a VERIZON router... I have the Duma why plug into anything else??? If the Duma can DMZ on it's own... if it has it's own FW protections built inside... why not go directly to the source... thus... the RJ5/CAT6 is plugged directly and provisioned to the Duma. All the settings above in the initial comment stand the same... Port Forwarding Disabled, UPnP Enabled, UPnP Forwarding Disabled. So with that in mind, a patch may be on the forefront of someone's mind??? This solution will fix EVERYONES IW problems... GOOD FIND Undies, Good Find... You are a scholar and AND a Gentleman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    EmOmega reacted to TryHardUndies in Back to Moderate   
    I also get a Moderate NAT on IW (I play on PS4)
    The game fails to open port 3074 correctly.
    To get around this I do the following:
    Load MWR (if you have it) Select Multiplayer from Main Menu Back out to the Main Menu On Main Menu select play Infinite Warfare MWR closes & IW loads This then gives me an open NAT. Obviously this will only work if you play on PS4 & have MWR, if you haven't try loading BO3 first.
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    EmOmega reacted to Netduma Fraser in DMZ doesn't Work... PF creates NAT Type Limitations in PSN Party Chat   
    I have moved your post to General Support. Did you follow my suggestions in the email?
    Hard turn off the console
    Disable Geo-filter on Duma
    Hub in modem mode or R1 WAN IP from device manager into the DMZ on hub
    UPnP & port forwarding disabled on the hub
    UPnP OR port forwarding enabled on the Duma, not both
    UPnP forwarding disabled in Duma miscellaneous settings
    Boot up console - check network settings - should be open or NAT Type 2 (open)
    Boot up game - should be open
    80 UDP/TCP
    443 UDP/TCP
    1935 UDP/TCP
    3074 UDP/TCP
    3478-3480 UDP/TCP
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