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  2. I mean i kinda agree with the response you have. I guess how i really meant for this to go was " Wouldnt you feel better about your product if you let the users who have had the netduma R1 since the beginning test it out and give you feed back before you would really trust someone who is fairly new receive it and they just think they love it because they finally got a solid kill using 3 bullets instead of 4-5! after a few games of doing good they start getting hammered and they dont understand so now the product will be labeled as broken or shit simply because they dont have the same results every single game! So i agree in a way! And yes i could go buy the nighthawk but id rather use my R1 if its capable of runnin this software which it was promised to do so and uhm free!
  3. still amazes me that the people who purchased the R1 back when hardly anyone had even heard of such thing still hasnt received a download link nor did they get the opportunity to have acces to DumaOS before it was included with purchase of a different router! But its a business move i get it! Lemme know when DumaOS 2.0 releases MAYBE us early believers will get a chance to experience it.
  4. We don't know if duma os is full of bug or not because we hardly get any new info on it other than they are working on it and its first priority. Also, if you give a time frame for a product to release then many customers expect that release date. whats really gonna suck is duma os releases and we've already got settings for the game we are playing and we have to change and figure out a new setup that may take months to get exactly where we want them to be. I for one have had my netduma since late 2013 or early 2014 cant really remember. I'm not a big streamer or youtuber so I like many others who purchased this product before any of these streamers did so but they get to test out new software or get specials treatments because they will advertise netduma.. So shit on the guys who believed in the product before it got to where it is now. Duma Os will come when it comes but by the time that happens its not really gonna be exciting anymore.
  5. kevo im also from alabama. what is a good setting that you use for the duma. Currently i have At&t uverse 100mbs 20up.
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