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    sorr23 got a reaction from Kudarat in DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!   
    I  mean i kinda agree with the response you have. I guess how i really meant for this to go was " Wouldnt you feel better about your product if you let the users who have had the netduma R1 since the beginning test it out and give you feed back before you would really trust someone who is fairly new receive it and they just think they love it because they finally got a solid kill using 3 bullets instead of 4-5! after a few games of doing good they start getting hammered and they dont understand so now the product will be labeled as broken or shit simply because they dont have the same results every single game! So i agree in a way! And yes i could go buy the nighthawk but id rather use my R1 if its capable of runnin this software which it was promised to do so and uhm free!
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    sorr23 reacted to EscapeTheArtist in DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!   
    As much as I hated waiting, expecting to get access to an unfinished product purely because you got the router before most people is absolutely ridiculous. Imagine getting the DumaOS while it was in development for the R1 and it bricks your R1. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't risk that. They wanted it stable before they released it. I hated the wait. I wish there was more communication (or any at all, for that matter), but I can confidently say that if they ever offered me an unstable version of the software, I would have said no. And you'd be insane to accept it. Maybe you can afford to replace your R1, but most of us still have the R1 over the Nighthawk (WHICH HAS DUMAOS) because of the pricetag of the Nighthawk.
    Also, don't think for a second that being an early adopter gives us the right to have access to products that are in development. The ONLY reason people expect to get the DumaOS free of charge is because they stated it would be. They could have just as easily released an "R2" and made us pay. You can feel entitled to the finished product because it was promised, but don't think for a second that it is your right to have all future releases free of charge because you bought a router that's like 3-5 years old at this point. The R1 will become obsolete, and you will have to upgrade. Prepare for that, man.
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    sorr23 got a reaction from Locosano in DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!   
    still amazes me that the people who purchased the R1 back when hardly anyone had even heard of such thing still hasnt received a download link nor did they get the opportunity to have acces to DumaOS before it was included with  purchase of a different router! But its a business move i get it! Lemme know when DumaOS 2.0 releases MAYBE us early believers will get a chance to experience it.
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    sorr23 reacted to skschatzman in DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!   
    Lol that's a joke. After all of the empty promises and postponed dates constantly saying "soon" over the last 2 years, if you blindly believe them then I can't help you.
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    sorr23 reacted to XSXS in DumaOS Before WW2   
    My first analogy was fine but you did not get it, so I simplified it for you. Anyway, if you don't think this Duma OS delay is hurting the company, I got news for you, it is. I know gamers personally who are waiting for the Duma OS to be released before buying. I also know people who said screw it and gave up and bought a different router. Losing sells is not good for business, but go ahead and keep pissing other owners off so they have a bad taste in their mouth about the Duma OS. Representative or not potential buyers see how you treat people on this forum and that may be reason enough for them not to buy the net Duma so in the end you are only hurting the company.
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    sorr23 reacted to gkontos10 in DumaOS Before WW2   
    Why somebody has to shut up because has different opinions tha you do..

    No i will not shut up

    Am early adopter of this router
    And it does not do what its say..
    Basically in my country that router destroyed the most of my games instead to fix the lag..

    An yes am expecting that **** upgrade with the dream to fix all that **** thinks..

    And yes its ridiculous fo a company to announce an upgrade and after 1,5 years to dont gived even 1 beta firmware
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    sorr23 reacted to Cocoon992 in WW2 lag, not with IW   
    Just played the beta and i'm experiencing lag issues. My settings were great on IW and BO3 and never had any problems. Now i lag like a madman. Tried to Dissable the geo-filter, and this works waaaay better than enabled how is this possible?
    Still also experiencing bad bullet registration etc

    In IW i play super smooth with my settings how is this possible?
    What do i have to do?
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    sorr23 reacted to Netduma Luke in DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing   
    Hi everyone,
    Luke here with an update on DumaOS. Iain would usually be the one to post this but he is travelling at the moment and he was adamant we shared this with you before the end of the week. 
    You can read the update on our site here:
    And here is a copy and paste below:
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