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  1. just wanted to know when the DumaOS is coming for the R1 ? Thank You
  2. At this point, I have to throttle my connection in order to get a decent game ( hit detection). What works for me is going to http://www.dslreports.com/find the lowest download/upload speed with A+ buffer bloat score. don't worry about the other scores. Let me know if that helps
  3. ID: 02348f5ad1a15358 Distance: 1512mi ID: d9361ae5d378cbd0 D: 8d34a974d12c5459 ID: 02348f5ad1a15358 I'm still having issues more padlocks
  4. 5536c893d3f4cbd0 8334642fd1225358 8d34a974d12c5459 6234dda8d1015459 02348f5ad1a15358 more padlocks
  5. same here, it hasn't worked for me all. I wish I could get my money back....
  6. ID: e7367944d386a7ac e5362ffad384cdd2 ID: 2f36e2add3ceccd1 when is the next update coming?
  7. 6636b27dd305ccd1 c736e2add3665358 4334723dd1e25358 ID: d9361ae5d378cbd0 ID: dd36b07bd37ccdd2
  8. yes padlock and the bott lol ID: 8334642fd1225358 ID: 02348f5ad1a15358 Distance: 2477km ID: e5362ffad384cdd2 here is more
  9. These were still looked ID: 063627f2d3a5cdd2 ID: 7036a06bd30fcdd2 ID: 8936945fd3285055 ID: 5536c893d3f4cbd0 ID: 8d3609d4d32ccdd2 ID: e5362ffad384cdd2
  10. I forgot to say Thank you guys for all of your help! hopefully, I can get this issue resolved. Is there any way to clear the net-duma firmware then reinstall?
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