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  1. it was happening on the router but i fixed it didnt notice there was a LED switch in the bad nice touch now i know i can cut the lights of anytime without having to turn the pc on =D
  2. i have a CM1000, i was on tier 2 comcast and they have been monitoring the network for about 2 weeks now, they explained they have to roll maintenance truck out to check and fix lines going from hub and node to mainframe because there is a lot of jitter on the lines which tier 1 technicians cannot see on there devices, so its all comcast side, but now another problem arrived the LED lights all shut off but the power light, i have restarted and rebooted the device but i cant get them back on any ideas?
  3. i have used the same target for ping plotter, these are just the ones that are posted. i know the spikes are low but they are always fluctuating and never semi stable like a normal connection, (when i go to my fathers house which has comcast business as well it is more stable then mine), yes im aware that 10-20ms is low im not looking for low ping im looking for more stable connection which im not getting even with router. yes i am i have messed with the setting for about 4 months now and its not doing anything at all i have just recently got time to actually try and fix this
  4. so i am going to have comcast out here tomorrow to look at the nod and lines to see if everything is fine, they said they cant find anything on there end but we will see.
  5. yeah i know to stay away from puma 6 ( the hard way), i am on business class Comcast internet 150/20 and it feels like im on DSL 10/3 fiber to the nod its horrible, @Danny80916 what state are you in and isp to get a low and crisp ms like that?
  6. sorry for late reply, @BIG__DOGthe Ethernet was replaced i have tried cat 5 and cat 6 cables but it seems to be around the same ms with router Comcast has also came here (miami,FL) and changed out the coax cables to the modem as well and laid brand new wires from the house to the hub, @Netduma Admini was wired. this is a game i played within my filter, most likely no more then 3 hrs away from me where netduma ping said my MS was 10-15 and i got melted ii was sweating so hard just to win this match and break =, as you can see the ping spikes are terrible, help please... this is a game in GA not even 1500 Miles away from me. for some reason the router put me into the same game after i blocked it which made it even worse. ok this is bars at 100% about 3 hrs away from me and now im even more confused because i smacked these peeps hard in this game.
  7. this is with modem alone. this is with router.
  8. the line is a lot more stable for some reason, the hop packet loss seem to have went away as well. this is the settings i have for netduma.
  9. yes, i even power cycled the pc, modem and router to no luck.
  10. Hello all, i seem to have a problem with my Netgear nighthawk XR500. on PingPlotter no matter where i ping i get PL% (kinda high sometimes as well) on my first hop the other hops are fine tho, im not sure if this is normal or not? so my main question is why am i getting bad packet loss when i connect this router, i pinged a few games and they all seem to be the same
  11. so i have had NetDuma R1 for about one year now and i have tried so many combinations that im out of idea's no matter what i do i am still getting hit detection, ghost bullets, insta-deaths, corner deaths, i mean you name it it happens to me and there is one main thing i noticed when it happens that is under auto ping there are multiple ticks which one is called receive data which im guessing is the data i am receiving from host and this is what is getting me wondering, when i am destroying people on black ops 4 my receive data is low like mid double digits to 100+ but 90% of the time im getting destroyed and my receive data is 300+ what is going on is it the router, my isp, or call of duty its self?
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