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  1. So far reverting back to the software linked above has been working, aside from today. I'm also going to try changing the switch.
  2. I tried and the issue remains. I see the previous firmware versions on the net gear site, just not sure which one to utilize. I did not see release dates on the versions, can you give me a suggestion?
  3. it really is, its very slow after the reset and the interface seems buggy. It will sit there and load the software indefinitely, unless I close it.
  4. yea mine is the same way. I had to factory reset once and it took forever load. After that factory reset it now takes forever to do anything. I switched it to 5 just have not reset it yet will update
  5. My R700 will function properly after a reboot, but shortly there after the block where my console is added disappears and just stays loading. It will pop up an R apps not ready give it a minute, but it will not load ever. I've tried switching to spectator mode upon reboot then switch to filtering mode for my console, but it always goes to loading. I've also tried accessing from my laptop to see if it was an issue with my desktop, but it does the same thing.
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