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  1. Hopefully u guys figure out a way to do it on ps4 I have a xr500 and 2 ps4 I don’t know much about pc stuff so might be harder for me to figure out
  2. Could u guys help me out it was my source of income I’m on ps4
  3. I’m sure bungie has already seen the new way and patch when the new season comes out I haven’t seen it yet only a few ways to do it on Xbox that’s all but idk if it’s true or not
  4. Ape slide won’t show u for free I asked him last night he wanted 300$ then told me to shoot him a price not going happen if we had more good ppl in this world they would help other ppl out but I’ve heard it’s hard to do on ps4
  5. Help me out I’m on ps4 I have a xr500 and was running lobbies until this happened
  6. Ya man could u help me out and show me I’m on ps4 even if your not on ps4 just explain it to me and I’ll get it I’ve been doing lobbies for years with my xr 500
  7. I’m definitely not paying it will leak soon enough a guy lastnight told me he paid 1000$ for the info I just laughed at him then wanted me to pay 300 for the info
  8. Could I get a invite I just wanna help my friends like me that suck at pvp
  9. Just wanna say thank you no one has asked me to pay for info yet I’m just hoping to be able to run lobbies again
  10. Ya If anyone can tell me how’s it done now that would make my weekend
  11. I know how to white list ppl but the other stuff like packets I got no clue lol
  12. Ppl on here claim they know how but no one wants to share I’ll join your discord I was doing lobbies every weekend just to help
  13. Would u be kind enough to share how it’s done now I was running lobbies and now I got nothing to look forward to on the weekends
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