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  1. Does speedify work with the netduma
  2. This works guys thank you guys for the help and the swift replies
  3. i have my xbox 1 connected to the duma i game in my living room but my girl play on wifi in our room and she cant get an open nat
  4. my setup is: ISP Modem-Netduma R1-IQ Router how can i get my nat open type if my gaming console is connected to my IQ Router
  5. My current setup is ISP Modem-Netduma R1-IQ Router Im going to be using the iq router exclusively for wifi devices because of the wifi range and the 5ghz capabilites but i want to use the geo-filter for gaming what would be the best setup for this or do i have the setup correct and if so do i have to connet my gaming console to the netduma to use the geo-filter.
  6. I know the geo fliter need to be turned on after you have load the game of choice so it wont result in nat issues but do you configure you congestion control setting before turning on the console or while in game (including hyper traffic).
  7. d06c27f2096f383d, 19ms, US b02f5f2acc4fb6bb, 26ms, US 4d68713c05ec979c, 23ms, US
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