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  1. Is your ping assist on? Lot of servers seem mislocated by dumaos, and a lot of the servers are so shitty that p2p plays better.
  2. I'm in the Midwest US, getting connected to the CA server a lot too lately.
  3. Where are you located & now where do you situate yourself in the geofilter?
  4. I always get menu lag. Takes forever to join a party chat. I've got a newer pro system with just 2 games on it. Drives me nuts.
  5. Is it a good idea to flush my cloud periodically to fix this?
  6. Not playing wirelessly. I'm either getting decent games with COD or absolutely horrible, usually coincides wth game updates, so I'm always trying to figure out what exactly is the formula treyarch or Activision uses for match making. The throttling to 20% was only experimental, I do typically set my sliders to 70%
  7. For years many have said that your bandwidth doesn't effect gaming, your ping is what matters, but I'm not seeing that. I'm getting the same ping no matter which server I connect to, & I can alter my connection to the game by throttling bandwidth, even down to an amount that is considered acceptable for gaming.
  8. Usually P2P. Throttling down to 20% puts me at 16mbps up & 1.5mbps up. I lag like crazy, but I always thought bandwidth wasn't a factor in your connection, so I'm curious as to how this works. As in do people with certain bandwidths get connected to others with similar?
  9. I get that the difference between the duma os ping and in game ping is system processing, what I don't get is how I can be getting the exact same ping no matter how close or far the server I'm playing on is.
  10. Question 1) why do I get the exact same ping (26-27 according to duma os 50-60 according to treyarch) whether a server is a few hundred miles from me or 1500. Question 2) Why is it that when I drop my download & upload to 20% it takes 3x longer to find a match. Any answers or speculation are appreciated, thanks.
  11. They do? my Geo filter puts me on the same server & i get the same ping on both consoles.
  12. Anyone got any ideas why I can get decent games on my ps4 but not my xbox one x?
  13. I'm not getting booted after TDM matches now, but I can't join any mercenary games with the geo filter enabled. That's on Activision because the players are scattered throughout the US for mercenary games.
  14. Hey, I'm in MN too. I've got dsl & cable internet and play on both ps4 & xbox and been having issues since Tuesday no matter which system or isp I'm using, not being able to connect to any of the mercenary playlist games & being kicked back to the ps4/Xbox menu after every tdm match, with or without geo filter enabled. Gotta blame this on the xr500, because soon as I bypassed the xr500 I'm getting into any lobby I want & not getting kicked....BUT every match is a lag fest, so now not using the xr500 I'm probably connecting to east coast servers (which have been the worst for Midwest COD players since IW)
  15. If the only device I'm using on my xr500 is my console, is it necessary to add it to traffic prioritization?
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