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  1. In effect, isn’t putting the geo filter in spectating mode and enabling fast search the same thing?
  2. Yep. Makes sense to me. Ultimately that’s the reason I am not going to use DMZ.
  3. Doesn’t this (turning your NAT filtering off) expose everything connected to your router, rather than just 1 thing put in DMZ?
  4. watching this video made me believe that all incoming traffic would go to the (DMZ) device outside the firewall first, thus making it ideal to have your console in DMZ.... but I get that it’s dangerous, too.
  5. So packets coming in for my kid playing Minecraft on their phone, which is behind the routers firewall will pass through my DMZ console first?
  6. My concern isn’t achieving open NAT per se. I was just wondering how DMZ affects my gaming packets. As in do incoming packets for all devices on my router pass through my console in the DMZ first, or do packets coming through go directly where they are needed?
  7. My question is: does putting my console in DMZ negate the affects of traffic prioritization? Meaning will DMZ help, hinder or have no effect? Correct me if I’m wrong, but a console in DMZ bypasses routing rules?
  8. Nothing, no icons at all come up in the geo filter. I changed my download and upload from 70/70 to 80/80 and now it works fine (including being able to filter which incidentally the game plays better without filtering mode enabled.
  9. No I don’t see anything being blocked while in spectating mode & I don’t get any error messages from the game.... it just simply will not join a match until I remove the PS4. Could this have anything to do with the SBMM?
  10. I have not. I’ll try it but it’s odd I don’t have to jump thru these hoops for BO4 or WW2
  11. Even if I put my PS4 in spectating mode I cannot join a match. I’ve even got every type of match selected so I’m not limiting myself. Any ideas what else is causing this?
  12. Is your ping assist on? Lot of servers seem mislocated by dumaos, and a lot of the servers are so shitty that p2p plays better.
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