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Geo-Filter Issues

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Hey Peeps, 

Either I don't have something setup right or my geo-filter isn't working correctly. No hosts\servers show on the map at all. Auto Ping host is on. No matter whether spectating mode or filtering mode, nothing happens. Its acting as if the R1 is just another bog standard router. Please help!

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Hi Nero - 

It will almost certainly be because the device added at the top of your geo-filter page is not active. Turn your gaming device on and go to the device manager. Look for it on either LAN or WiFi (depending on how it’s connected). Click on it and give it a unique name. 

Now go back to the geofilter and add it to the top. Should now show the connections. 

If it still doesn’t, could you take a screenshot of your geo-filter page and post here so we can help you. 

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