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XR500 lan ports not staying connected to POE switch.

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I've had my xr500 since april. I have a smart home controller and other devices that require poe. Recently my xr500 has been disconnecting from the switch and just yesterday will not connect at all. I've verified with the manufacture of the switch that is in good working order. I have since installed my R1 in the place of the XR500 and everything is working flawlessly. I do have the beta firmware build installed but cannot use my smart home equipment with the xr500. 

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So the physical setup,



Surfboard 6121 modem ---> xr500 -----> I have two xbox's hardwired into the lan ports plus a Luxul AMS-1208P managed POE switch. -----> Smart home controller, 2 IP ptz cameras, 1 Luxul 1240 outdoor wap, 1 Luxul 1510 Dual Band access point, 1 Luxul XWC-1000 wireless controller.


In the device manager i can see the luxul ap's disconnect and reconnect via dhcp.


The luxul ap's provide wifi to the sonos sound equipment in my home plus my sony smart tv.

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