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Hi Duma army.


I have been having a few problems involving disconnections with the xr500 since updating to firmware .22. These disconnections will last for about 1-2 seconds then reconnects. During cod:ww2 it will completely disconnect me from the server and back to lobby but when playing PUBG it will say lag detected for 1-2 seconds then its fine. I have tried the factory reset like i always do even when i had the R1 but with no success. Is this a know issue and if so do you know when the next firmware will be available?


Thank you 

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Hi Fraser.


Geo-filter is on spectating mode so is not active.


It happens on all devices for about 1-2 seconds and it will happen about 1-4 times a day. Never had this problem on .10 should i go back to that firmware?


I would gladly send you the logs on here if you are intested.

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