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Hi Im KeYs

NetDuma + Google WiFi

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I am looking into purchasing Google WiFi for the wifi needs of my home. I'd like to still maintain the benefits of the Netduma for my gaming/streaming. Is this possible? Would I just hook the NetDuma up to a Google Wifi "hotspot" and then plug my console/gaming PC into the NetDuma?


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!

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Hi Keys - you have two options. Modem -> R1 -> Google WiFi or Modem -> Google WiFi -> R1


The advantage of the first option is all traffic goes through the R1, so you can take advantage of the congestion control.


But if you just want to use the Geo-Filter then you could go with second option with the console connected to the R1. Just remember the R1 would need to be wired into the Google WiFi

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