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Can an dsl filter cause lag

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If you are on fibre I would replace it with a VDSL filter, if not then a new ADSL filter will do.


Changing out filters regularly is good thing they are cheap and can wear out in time.


I have just seen your other post and you have a filter lying on top of a power extension.


1. It should be no where near a source of noise


2. It should be on your master socket in the phone connection (if you do not have a VDSL face plate fitted)

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This is how my setup via on the can i still do What you've explained in last post



Yes you do have a VDSL filtered face plate.


The RJ11 that is running from the top filtered socket should go directly to your modem no need to have a filter on the end of that as that face plate has a filter built in.


Filtered master socket > Short 0.5m RJ11 > Modem in close proximity of the master socket > Ethernet to Netduma > Ethernet throughout the house to devices.

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