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connecting XR500 without ISP router

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Yes that should be possible. I believe you may have to call the ISP to enable ethernet on the ONT rather than COAX. If thats already done I'd suggest doing the setup wizard and that should detect that you need PPPoE and take you through setting it up.



I connect the Ont to my xr500 and start wizard, so doesn´t detect internet, this is a picture of theONT as you can see it only has ethernet cable not coax, why it can happen?




The ONT model is Alcatel g-010g-p


I´ve VOip and internet, do I have to configure any LAN settings before the connection?, is the XR500 compatible on IEEE 802.1Q?


this are my settings for Vodafone ftth:


  • Datos: ID 20 Prioridad 0
  • Voz: ID 20 Prioridad 0
  • Televisión: ID 20 Prioridad 0


I’ve tried to configure them, so it just let me introduce one rule with Id 20 priority 0


do iI need to put any thing about id ONT on my new router xr500?

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Could you please develop the term “by group”?

I have to include 3 rules with same values, and the software let me include just 1 rule with the same values. It’s triple Vlan


Thanks for support

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