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Quake Champions Settings for DumaOS (Netduma R1)

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Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forum.  I wasn't sure where best to place this due to the nature of the topic. 
Anyway, Quake Champions.  A game I am really trying my hardest to get better at, suffice to say it has and is a slow painful progress.  I'm sure those who are playing the game are also aware of the numerous lagging and other such type issues in the EA.  I understand these are being worked on by the development team at iD and Bethesda and they are doing all they can, so happy there.

I am using the Netduma R1 with my own TP Link Router and it seems to be ok, bar a few hiccups with the net (line quality dropped the other day, but that is with the ISP not here).  The Ping Assist set up APPEARS to be ignored by Quake Champions so setting 30ms makes no difference.  I am wondering if that could be related to the Client Side Registration, again I don't know and probably not something that can be answered here.


I am sure we are all eagerly awaiting the DumaOS update and our fingers are crossed that this week we will hopefully see it.  I am just wondering if anyone has been using the XR500 with DumaOS and how the results have been with Quake Champions?  I am curious if they have any specific settings they could recommend for the Netduma R1 crew when they finally download it?


I've followed the recommended settings as shown in the tutorials and tech guys on here to ensure good pings, adequate QoS and even looked at getting a VPN in case of any DDOS attacks.  But is there anything that needs to be set on the Netduma R1 that you feel would help improve things further.  It's probably a big ask and there is always a lot of tinkering needed with Quake Champions on our to get everything to a playable level.


This might be a bit late, but is there anything in the current version we can set to help?  I look forward to your responses.

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Hi Daniel - I recommend the following:


  1. Hyper Traffic - make sure you add your gaming device if you have not already (on DumaOS this should work automatically for you in the 'Traffic Prioritisation' feature
  2. Anti-Flood - always best to start off at 70% when gaming and then tinker to find your sweet spot (I imagine you have already done this)
  3. Geo-Filter - your guess is probably correct on Ping Assist. So it's best to just use the standard Geo-Filter and set a range that works best for you. Ideally you want the closest server, assuming it plays well.

Apologies if none of this advice is new to you - I suspect you are already close to optimal settings for Quake already and that the main cause of lag is within the game's faults itself. Hopefully the game devs will fix the problems soon.

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Thanks, what setting should i use for Hyper Traffic?  Quake 3?  I've managed to do an advanced one using the port forwarding numbers given to Quake Champions.  Currently set to 8181 or 39389.  Trouble is it should be outgoing, ingoing or both?  I've set it to Both.

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