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I have upgraded to the Netgear XR 500 after having the NetDuma R1 for years. I currently get around 310 Mbps Download and about 12 Mbps Upload with it. My Xbox has the majority of internet at around 80% but when i turn the sliders down on the download my internet does not change i keep getting my regular 310 Mbps download no matter how low i turn the slider down. I am looking for some suggestions or insight on this problem i am having.


Thank you 



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Lou - replied already on the NG forum. Here’s the response in case you see it here first:


Two things to check. First:

1. Set the mode to 'Always' and try again. If you had it on 'High Priority Traffic Detected' mode it will only apply the limits when a game is being played


If that doesn't work, then:


2. Disable IPv6 if you've enabled it. Also, if you're using PPPoE, enter your credentials in your modem instead of the XR500

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