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Virtual Servers and Geo Filter?

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I am considering buying a netduma router.

So far I am using a regular TP Link router, which also allows me to acces certains ports from external.


So for example:


port: 1234 (servive port) -> internal port 5678 -> used on a static ip for a device.


So no I can access from external with myip:1234 the internal device.


Would this also be possible on the netduma or do I need to setup it like?


netduma (port forwarding) port: 1234 -> setup the WAN from the tp link router to a static ip -> etc.




I unterstand that the yellow circles are deticated servers. How would it look like if you are connect to a regular host and does it even show if you are the host itself?


Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the forum! You can't explicitly specify internal / external ports using the Netduma, so you would do the method you suggested


You won't see those yellow circles - that was a feature of Admin Mode which only a few select users have. Rather, you'll know when the icon is a dedicated server because there will be an option to 'temp ban' the server below the Geo-filter map. If you are the host, every icon on the map will appear large and roughly the same size.


Please let us know if you have any questions :)

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