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Missing the point?

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So I've had the netduma for a couple months now, I've tried various setting and loaded pre made profiles etc etc

yet still see lag in most games, yellow and red bars in lobby etc etc


maybe its just me but as its advertised to eliminate lag then i would expect that it should, but sadly can't see that it has made that much of a difference.


i believe the congestion control features have helped to distribute between users at home but no real difference to fixing lag issues within a game.


quite sad really was expecting more, i will still be using it but doubt it would be missed if i didn't.




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 i feel the same bro but maybe we are just not use it right some sets could be off thats what im hoping im not giving up just yet and you should it either ask for help i mean i dont just want to have 200 dollars laying around and not be useful :)  so lets keep trying i hope it can really help with lag 

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