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So how old is everyone else on here?


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My first game was a DOS based version of Star Trek in 1979 on a Radio Shack TRS Model 3; I bought the upgraded version with 48k of Ram and two (imagine) two 5 1/4 floppy drives and a cassette player to load the games!  We played Pong, Asteroids and a couple of others I forget - senior moment!  I think a b/w version of PacMan as well.


I have been at it ever since, couple of years that I worked on my career (so I could retire and afford all the toys to play) but I always came back and here I am in retirement (4th try at that, I love working) playing several hours a day and I hope you will all thank me for helping your stats improve as I am only here to help you improve your SPM and KD... much to my chagrin!

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I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22 and I've been playing ever since I could hold a controller.. My older brother (he's quite a bit older) used to play NES with me, then he gave it to me when he moved.

You make me feel so old!  My grandson is two years older than you - he is a hunk, I am told, but unfortunately for you girls he is gay!  All the good ones are...

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