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Getting Strict Nat Type Randomly

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Have a set up from a Motorola nvg510 to my netduam. Went in to the nvg510 and enabled ip passthrough. opened ports to demonware servers on both nvg510 and the R1. Yesterday had a moderate and open nat type and today its back to being a strict nat type. I tried disabling the geo filter to see if it was a false report with no avail. Any ideas?

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Guest Netduma_Iain

Hi mate,


This is what I would suggest you do in order:

  1. Remove all the port forwarding rules on both routers.
  2. Make sure UPnP is enabled on the duma so go to "Settings > UPnP" it should be ticked to say its enabled. 
  3. Go to "Device Manager" on the R1 at the top of the page you should see "WAN IP: x.x.x.x", note down that IP address
  4. On the other router locate the DMZ section, in there pute the IP address you just entered
  5. Power up you console with the geo-filter disabled and you should have open NAT

Hope that helps, let me know please :)

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