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Call of Duty: WWII - Game Update 12/21 (PS4/XB1)


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  • Fixed issue where Social Rank rewards were not granting

  • Fixed issue where Confirmed Killer Order could be completed by collecting both friendly and enemy dog tags

  • Fixed issue where Confirmed Denier Order was not tracking properly

  • Other general UI fixes and improvements


  • Buffed fire rate for MP-40 and M1928

  • Buffed Combat Shotgun damage range

  • Class-wide LMG movement speed buff and recoil buffs for MG15 and Lewis

  • Nerfed fire rate for FG42 and adjusted recoil accordingly

  • Nerfed Machine Pistol damage


  • Fixed Ranked Play UI bug where rank icons changed to the placement match icon in the scoreboard that appears before the AAR


  • Fixed UI issues with Zombies 2XP

  • Fixed issue with Audio Log Recording Collectible

  • Fixed issue where players were able to deploy more than maximum number of S-Mine 44 explosives, and lost those deployed over the maximum

  • Fixed issue UI issue where kills with grenades were counting for the Blitz Used stat

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