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Battlefield 4 issues on PC version


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Hello dear community,


today I want to tell you about my Battlefield 4 experience on PC...

As all of you know, I'm a dedicated Battlefield 4 player and I really love this game.

That's the reason why I've bought it for XBONE, PS4 and now even for PC.

My experience on the consoles is really great with a ping of 40ms at maximum.

On the PC version, my ping is even lower with a maximum of 25ms.

Unfortunately, the great experience from the consoles isn't the same on the PC version.

I can't figure out what exactly is creating this issues, but I think it's the bad netcode overall

that makes playing BF4 on PC a mess. Please don't get me wrong. This is NOT an issue caused

by my baby, the Netduma.  :)  I'm a bit tech savvy and have the sufficient knowledge

to set up my R1 the best I can. I've opened up this thread to warn everyone about BF4

on PC and I want to let you know that the online gaming experience is the best on console.

Probably, EA/DICE have given up on the PC community and they don't care that much,

because of lower sales in comparison to the consoles. Just my two cents.


What do you think ? Any commentary is welcome !  :)

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I must say you have done really a nice Job of moving forward to PlayStation 4 and then to a PC. Well!! I would like to ask your experience of playing battlefield on PC.. When the newest battleborn game was released than I decided to get battleborn and play it on XBOX2, But, when I plugged in I found little difference in configuration, results into, game was not running properly. So I think selecting Playstation would be the best option.

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