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Cat6 Patch Cables


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My mate is looking to buy some high quality cat6 patch cables. But the troubles are that in Australia that means plenty of money. Or you need a trade account which neither of us have or anybody we know. He's looking at buying some krone, amp (aka) TE Connectivity patch cables.


I found a site in the uk tried to call their international sales but no luck :(

So I was wondering could anybody help me out I need to know if these cables are (A)compliant. For use in aus or there no good to my mate. If anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.


also here is a link to the website




Cheers :)

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quote name="Netduma_Iain" post="23323" timestamp="1429191528"]How many is he thinking of buying. They are really cheap like couple of pounds max.


Hi Iain


Yea they seem cheap compared to in aus here there 70 aus $ = 4 cables. He's decided just to grab cat5e now, also can these be used with the connection between the modem and duma ? Or should it be cat6 as I wanna grab some as well.


But here are the product number and quantity



Product Code: 793295 quantity needed 4


Product Code: 793333 quantity needed 2


Product Code: 795309 quantity needed 2

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