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Quickstart Netduma

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As I'm waiting my Netduma, I have some questions to make it works fine, as soon as I get it, the questions are:


I live in Spain, I'll play AW in my PS4 and my average fiber connection test are.


Download: 100mbs

Upload: 11 mbs

Ping: 12 ms


1- After connecting the router as the quickinstall guide sais, shoul I portforward the ps4 ports in my netduma? Have I DMZ option instead of portforwarding?

Do I have to set static IP to my PS4 in the Netduma?.

2- Once you connect your ISP router to Netduma?, do I have to open ports or Write MAC adress of Netduma in my ISP router?

Should I activate UpNp in the Netduma?

3- Should I update the router to latest version? Or It comes factory updated?


This are my doubts before having the netduma, would you recomend me any other setup issue to start using it at 100% performance since 1st day of use?.


Thanks for your support

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Guest Netduma_Iain

Thanks for purchasing.


If you ordered within the last 2 weeks you'll be on the latest version 1.03.2 so no need to upgrade.


Only thing I suggest you do is go to the device manager and get the WAN ip. Then put that in the DMZ of your ISP router.

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