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Sony Vegas Settings Part 1


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A few people have asked about my colour correction and render settings in Sony Vegas Pro 13, below is a quick guide of how i use Vegas to prepare my videos for upload to youtube. Now there a hundreds of tutorials on Sony Vegas settings but these are the ones i found to be the best balance between quality and file size, using these settings i usually render a 10 minute gameplay video at 720p and 60 frames per second in about 30-40 minutes.


1) First open your video in Vegas, answer yes when it asks to match media. Now find a nice frame where there are lots of detail and light so you can see how your video will look when you have applied your video FX.




2) Next right click on the video track and click properties, now check off disable resample and reduce interlace flicker..






3) Now you can open the project properties and select the template shown below. 




Once you have opened the template copy the settings below and click apply.




4) Next its time to add the video FX, open the video FX panel and select the same as the ones below.




Now drag the default preset from each plugin you selected and copy the settings for each one below, you can name each one after you have the correct settings and save them.










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