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Guest Netduma_Iain

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Guest Netduma_Iain

This is a delicate subject, but I must address it now or I feel we in support will be going around in circles forever. The primary purpose of the anti-lag features is to minimize ping, no more no less. 


Below are the anti-lag features and their goal:

  • Geo-filter: To filter hosts by distance.
  • Congestion control: Reduce the impact other devices have on your ping


Above is the only purpose of the feature. So the Geo-Filter is not designed to make you get a high K/D or great W/L ratio. Its only purpose is to limit hosts by distance. The same applies to the congestion control, its only purpose is stop other people you live with impacting your ping.


We will NOT diagnose/support game-play we will exclusively focus on ping as lowering it is the goal of the router.


If you need support with the anti-lag features please do the following:

  • Post a screenshot of the details page on the "Internet Diagnosis"
  • Post a screenshot of the top of the host filtering page
  • Post a screenshot of your Geo-filter in game
  • Post a screenshot of a typical ping graph (please don't bother with anomaly games you'll just waste time for both of us )
  • Let us know your paid for upload and download bandwidth
  • Finally make sure whatever device your playing the game on is wired. Wifi throws a spanner in the works in terms of lag and we won't try support that

Based on that we will help you optimise your connection. By that I mean minimize your ping, we have no interest in trying to deal with things like "lag comp" by increasing your ping or any other means.



tl;dr If you need help with lag we will only focus on ping and trying to minimise it for you connection






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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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