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help get my ping steady

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I don't understand the request.


Ping is a measure of round trip from your console, to the host and back.  There would be literally no way to optimize the entire trip unless I put your entire network in the lab on a test board.   :mellow:


The NetDuma is designed to eliminate LOCAL (i.e. - Inside your residence) congestion and internet traffic that can hinder your gaming, but the router can only do so much.


Have you tested your ISP's line for line quality yet?  You can do so from the MISC settings, or you can do a much more comprehensive test by downloading and running www.pingplotter.com


As for Black Ops 3 - I don't know of anyone who can say they have that game licked yet.  There have been hundreds of threads on different ways to try and game it, but the only things I have seen work thus far (personally tested) was to achieve a really good Bufferbloat and start keeping track of server ID's that offer good game play.  If I get a good one, I try like hell to stay in that lobby and not rage quit out.


Can you elaborate on the question?

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