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Black Ops 3 Dedicated Servers only?

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Hi guys,

I have extremely limited DSL internet where I live, it's about 2.4 down and 0.5 up. That's why I bought the netduma. The first night I played a couple of games on black ops 3 to figure everything out, and found a couple of games with phenomenal hit detection and game smoothness. Today however, I cannot find that initial awesomeness.

I tried to limit my geofilter to a very short range in order to avoid my nearest dedicated server (which pings at about 84 ms) and only connect directly to another player, but can't find any games without allowing in the dedicated server.

Anyone with an idea why this might be? Is it because the players in my region are all connecting to the nearest dedicated server? In my case, this would be the server in Seattle. Thanks.

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Try putting your Geo Filter over Spokane and the Idaho area.  There was an overflow dedi in Spokane, but I haven't seen that guy pop up in quite some time.


Leave 'STRICT' ticked in the settings


Put Ping Assist to '0'


Wait for a game lobby to populate.  This may take a few minutes depending on player count, but later today with Double XP dropping, I am betting you can draw some P2P traffic fairly easily.

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I'll drop the ping assist. Thanks for your help. Double XP weekend is actually the big reason why I ordered the netduma... Last time there was Double XP, my lag was unplayable because of the swamp.


It will probably continue.  Although on PS4, playing locally with the new software 1.03.06g, I have been having some decent game play on the Seattle dedi.


A couple of things to try, since you are on the PS4 and practically a homeboy, I'll give you a couple of local tricks.


Portland.  They have a lot of players and I think they have some Duma owners too.  I can find P2P games in the Portland area on both systems when the player count is really high like on Double XP weekends.


Geo Filter over San Fran and LA, but include Las Vegas.  Las Vegas has an overflow server/part time dedi that plays really well for me.  If I see that one pop up, I try to camp it.  The games are tough, the players there are ALMOST all sweaties, but the hit detection is crisp and I usually don't have too many rage inducing moments on PS4.


Good luck and happy hunting

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