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Can't Access my NETDUMA software on PC

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For some odd reason I can't access my router from my pc. All wired devices are plugged in the router and are working and when I switch off the netduma I loose internet access so I know the netduma hardware is working. I try typing //, I even went on your page https://netduma.com/support/faqs/how-do-i-quickly-set-my-netduma-router-up/and wrote the default IP and still nothing. I don't know if the problem is that I have the internet port from my PC to the netduma on ports 2-4 and I have nothing in the PPoE port because when I plugged the pc ineternet port in there I got no connection and when I plugged in the internet wire which is coming from the house modem, still no signal on any device.


Don't know what is happening over here. Everything was fine till a day ago.


Thanks, Julian

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