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COD Ghosts TDM - miracle comeback from "1 for 5" to "56 for 6"

Magic Martin

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Last night played a couple of games on PS4 COD Ghosts .  The second game started off very bad and was about to quit when 1 for 5 being nearly "insta - killed" by very good players who were strategically camping.  Luckily I spawned in a place where could get behind them and managed to then go 55 for 1 (being killed when piloting my 2nd helo-pilot chopper).


Previously my best was 50 for 0 but this seemed better given the comeback and due to getting 56 of 75 kills.


YouTube video below if anyone wants to watch:






PS - when PSN was down earlier in the week I returned to Xbox One Ghosts with a very mixed bag of games as some games unplayably laggy even with Netduma Router so quit a few.  Overall still did well-



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