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  1. how do I PM you and where do I find the Team viewer?
  2. I am here, let me know when you are ready
  3. That sounds good, I talk to you then
  4. Any Monday and Tuesday's are sadly my only available days. Afternoon would definitely be better for me but let me know the date and time and I will be there. Thank you, Rob
  5. I am sorry this took so long to respond. My computer crashed on me and had to wait until pay day to get another one. Let me know if we can set up a time next Monday, January 22. Thank you Rob
  6. Sorry for the delay, I am available Monday and Tuesday anytime. Please let me know what time is good for you.
  7. IPV6 is disabled in Lan and Wan and Misc, I set the bandwidth at 250 down and 30 up. Using only the modem I get 280 down as of a couple of minutes ago and 38 up. sliders are at 100%, however it does not change much where they are. sliders at 100% speed is 42 down and 29 up sliders at 20% speed at 38 down and 22 up the download changes very litte and it does not matter what I change. After any change I made I am hitting update change for both up and down and rebooting router. It still has very little change. I have tried the non gaming profile which changes the sliders to 100%, adds super turbo with other stuff and it still does nothing. Also the tests I am running are hardwired.
  8. Hello, I was instructed by Fraser to request a 1 on 1. I am having issues with download speed and congestion control. Please let me know when a good time to set up support will be good. Thank you, Rob
  9. After disabling and reseting the router my speeds are 49 down and 32 up with a ping of 36
  10. The modem is a Arris SB6190 modem only. The Netduma is the only router that is connected. I have a computer, xbox, playstation and ROKU box connected through wired. 2 phones, 2 laptops and one smart tv is connected wireless. Here is the modem I have https://www.amazon.com/ARRIS-SURFboard-SB6190-DOCSIS-Cable/dp/B016PE1X5K/ref=sr_1_1?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1512941940&sr=1-1&keywords=sb6190
  11. I am not sure if this makes any sense but while playing online I slide the up and down congestion control to 16 down and 20 up. If I only slide the down to 18 I get the same speed with a high buffer bloat. I don't notice a change until it is under 18
  12. my speeds are good with the modem plugged in 230 down and 35 up
  13. Unfortunately, I have tested the computer at a friends house and it will test at least 845 on the down. Both modems are giving me the same speed. I have a really old Cisco modem that I replaced.
  14. Thank you for responding so quicky, I have changed everything and am still getting slower download speeds. I hardwired my laptop into the Duma and am getting 30 to 87 down. I am using DSLreports speedtest.net fast.com my ping is on the low side 32 but the average is about 38
  15. Hello all, I have read many of the previous posts on things that can effect speed and I believe I have tried them all. I have had my service provider (Cox Cable) come to my house 3 times in the last couple months and everytime they have told me that it was a bad modem or router on my end and they have a good signal coming inside my residence. I have changed the modem to their recommendation, SB6190, which is 6 months old. I have the congestion at 100% host filtering is off shared excess clicked on up and down allow feedback allow upnp enable cookies turbo and super are all ticked I have 5E cat 5 going from the modem to the Netduma which is 48' long I have cat 6 going from the netduma to the playstation, xbox and roku box. My upload speed is very consistant at 28 to 30 my download is all over the place ranging from 3 to 87 I am paying for 300 down and 30 up The ISP told me that I have 320 down before the modem and 37 up before the modem. Do to the poor connection to my Xbox and Playstation it makes them almost unplayable. I have version 6G on my netduma now. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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