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  1. got new internet provider today get it all setup to ran in a wall the xr500 will not let login on hard wired but will let me on wifi on the laptop what can i do to fix it i like the wired connection thank nick Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
  2. It help some up to 75 mbps down and 274 mbps up now that running speed test 3 time on the pc run speed test on the ps4 and got 122 mbps down and 85 mbps 3 time to My new router from internet provider is a smart/rg model sr400ac is says it a gigabit router and thank you for helping me
  3. What speed can the Netduma handle? I just received a new router with my internet provider. My new internet is fiber where before I was on DSL. I am paying for 600 mbps up and down with my internet provider but the Netduma speed is only registering at 45 mbps down and 25 mdps up. I am registering 450 mbps down and 500 mdps up at the new router . Is there a setting that I need to adjust on the Netduma to make my mbps go up?
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