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  1. Did we forget about this or give up? Or both?
  2. Can I do a 1 on 1 about why it’s been almost 3 months without a single peep about DumaOs on the R1?
  3. Welp. I’ve officially been blocked on their Facebook so that’s a good sign.
  4. Wow, they actually did edit the website delisting the R1. That gives me oodles of hope moving forawrd!
  5. Dumb question answered by an experiment. I am running newest firmware <3
  6. Jnubbz here, my body is ready for the upgrade and so is my router. Everything is clicked how it should be. I am curious how you know to access my router from a post on a forum? IP address I am assuming? I'm on version 1.03.3 Thanks for the help and a kick ass router!
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