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  1. The PS4 specific ports you'll need to forward are: TCP - 80, 443, 1935 TCP+UDP - 3478-3480
  2. Yeah thats IW for you. I find it better to play with the geo-filter off on that one. Glad I could assist, I know how frustrating it can get.
  3. MWR uses 3076 UDP as well. Haven't had much luck with the Geo-filter and IW for quite some time now, it introduced a weird lobby host/ Dedi game host system awhile back where it searches for a lobby host then that host connects the lobby to the dedi. I much prefer the choice to connect to which dedi I want like in BO3 or MWR.
  4. and for IW you'll need to port forward 3076 UDP for proper matchmaking.
  5. Mmm.. Interesting. I would also port forward 3075 udp, BO3 definitely connects to Dedi's through that port. Do a full reboot of router and console and let me know if that helps.
  6. Noticed you have IPv6 enabled under Lan settings. Check your in your PS4 network settings to see if it has an IPv6 address assigned, if so you could be connecting to the Dedi outside your Geo Filter via IPv6. The Geo Filter only works for IPv4 addresses, All IPv6 options should be disabled in your settings.
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