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  1. I’m getting a 30-40 ping, which isn’t too bad but there’s still a lot of lag on certain games. I’ll untick fast search and see if that works. Thanks
  2. I set up my geo filter in a bout a 600 miles radius and I still get hosts or servers outside my geo filter. Why is the geo filter not working. I’m in NY and I get connect to the west coast. Is this a Netduma problem or BO4 issue and is there a fix to this?
  3. I’m having the same issues now with my PS4. Followed all the directions and still having trouble finding games.
  4. I tried that and even used the username and password setup on the old R1 firmware and still I got nothing.
  5. I tried everything that was suggested and nothing. I followed the directions on installing the new OS and that’s when all the trouble started. Can someone from Netduma please help with this issue.
  6. I’ll try the admin and admin again tomorrow and get back to you. Thanks
  7. Just received the upgrade to the Netduma OS Beta but I enter the password and it won't allow me into the router. How do I fix this? I used the password sent and even my old log in password. I followed all the instructions and now I can't even get onto my Netduma router. I used my passwords and nothing. All this happened after I upgraded.
  8. Fro some reason I can only see the main servers on my my map but I'm unable to see the hosts. It happens when I play Black Ops 4.
  9. Need to upgrade my Netduma router. We've messaged each other on twitter. I finally got everything fixed but my router just reset its location to the west coast again and I'm in NY. I don't know why it's ding this. Please help. My Netduma is now in the DMZ of my router.
  10. I just added my Netduma to my router DMZ. Let me know if you can now get in my Netduam router to upgrade.
  11. Unfortunately, I have a Fios Quantam Router and it does not have a DMZ setting.
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