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  1. Yep I’m in the same boat, a steady 8ms ping but it makes no difference at all. Oh well maybe DumaOM might rectify it or the next COD will be better
  2. hi all final update, it is all 'working' as it should now i still have a terrible online experience/connection but the duma has never managed to fix that i will give it a couple of weeks to see if it settles down , if not it will be going back in its box again thanks for the help, it was much appreciated
  3. still making progress the geo filter is working now 🙌 i just need to get a nat type 2/open nat as its currently moderate there must be a thread on here that can help
  4. Yeah it was set 100-250 but I changed it in the settings to match the smart hub so I can assign the same ip’s as before just with 192.168.88.xx. Not a clue what was happening with the laptop tbh. Still no luck with the PlayStation unfortunately as the geo filter isn’t working. I will keep at it
  5. I did another reset of my smart hub and the duma and something stuck this time. The laptop/Mac internet is now working properly, I just need to get the PlayStation connected (might have to try a manual setup). DHPC range is set from 64-250. I think I am getting somewhere now 👍
  6. so i have managed to replicate the scenario from the other day. i have access to the duma GUI but anything connected to it directly will not connect to the internet in any way (web browsing or psn) i still cant DMZ the duma as it will not show up in the smart hub drop down any settings i need to tweak in the duma settings? thanks again
  7. Hi all, yes my MAC is connected to the netduma via ethernet and all wifi is off it is set to obtain automatically on the MAC but it still selects 19.168.1.XX do in need to change the ipv4 setting in the hub? thanks
  8. Hi Jack, thanks for following up i did have a little bit of joy accessing the GUI but then i was unable to access any other websites and it wasn't picking up the psn. it was late so i reverted everything so i had internet access and would try again the next day. came back the next day and i cannot replicate the same scenario i.e. being able to access the GUI. from memory i think i set my laptop ip to be the same as the duma one and thats how it started working ish. if i do manage to get the GUI back any steps i should take? thanks
  9. i will give the hard reset a go but this is starting to test my patience. as i am sure you can imagine i did not spend £200 (as it was at the time) to be persistent set up is Wall > BT Smart Hub > R1 > All Devices (wired) thanks
  10. UPDATE i think the duma has shown up after a reset however i still cannot open the GUI despite managing to log on to the duma wifi
  11. the drop down list will list my laptop ( from port 1 (and the ps4 if it is turned on) and I have some other devices connected to port 4 via a switch thanks i am sure i am missing a trick here🤦‍♂️
  12. Hi all, I tried the ipconfig and my laptop shows up as which I knew before but I thought the netduma would show up individually. Please excuse my ignorance on the subject. So I tried to dmz .64 but still no luck getting the duma GUI. Any further suggestions or is a duma reset worth a go? once again thanks for all the help
  13. Excellent, I will give it a go later thanks
  14. Hi thanks for your reply, I am wired to the duma and the ip address is not fixed in the bt smart hub network settings. Also i am using a mac so the command prompt wont work I don't think. Thanks
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