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  1. Ok I'll try that I had to connect directly to the modem again because I could not get an open nat.
  2. Ok now when I sign in on my Xbox the Nat is stuck on the getting info notice even after I reset network adapter.
  3. I get good-exceptional-exceptional-no loss when I run speed test. After rebooting my router I got same results, yet after rebooting modem I got exceptional on all. So I guess should reboot my modem more often. Also could you give me more details on how to use the destiny profile.
  4. Thanks I'll try that, and did noticed that my pins where around 30, and when I reset the modem it goes down to 15. So I should probably do that more often. I have a netgear cm 1000, with support for 3.1 docsis3 and 6gbps. Also on host filtering do change the home location to where I live. And on host filtering why Isn't there a choice for destiny under services. And on cloud the middle # only goes to 32. Do I use preemptive or reactive algorithm. One more thing should I reset router after applying settings
  5. Thanks I'll try that, I had cloud set to 30 28 28, also when I set the cloud settings before and went back to check the where on auto again, is it the same as the destiny profile glitch. Also considering the fact that this is a dedicated bikinis class line, and the only other device connected is my tablet and then only when I'm accessing the net duma what settings should I use to improve my gaming with destiny, and what settings are not necessary.
  6. I have run the diagnostic on the net duma and get exceptional on ping jitter and spikes and zero packet loss. I don't know what a ping plotter is but I do run a command prompt fat packet speed text on my laptop, and can run it forever with the same results. That's why assume that others is some ports on destinys server's that are separate from Xbox live. So I assumed the that when you load the destiny settings on the profile section would do that. Also whenever I load the profile and check it later it's not there anymore, so I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. Also why isn't there a destiny choice in the service's window on the geo filter. Also I'm not sure if there isn't a problem with my profile on destinys server's, have you ever heard of that ?
  7. I am not getting booted from the game and I can play it through the net duma but I still have lag especially in crucible, even though I'm green bar all the time. I have tried it with geo filter disabled and it's about the same.
  8. I actually disconnected the net duma and connected directly to the modem yesterday, but I will try doing that today. By the way I have a dedicated business class Comcast line just for my console nothing else is connected other when I use my tablet to get into my net duma. For some reason when I tried to apply the cloud settings and load destiny settings it wouldn't work. I do have the strict mode off. I didn't know I could see if anything was blocked on the geo filter. And I set my area to 4000 km, but don't know what to do with the ping assist.
  9. I am not an expert on networking so I am having trouble understanding how to set up my router. I play destiny primarily. I used the online manual and loaded the profile for destiny and when I try to connect to the game I get"failed to download configuration files" nightingale. But I can connect to destiny directly through the modem. I have been having lag issues every since I played destiny in PvP even though I am always green bar and have a dedicated internet just for my console. With a consistent 15-16 me ping using fat packet command prompt ping test. Anyway I was wondering if yu guys can do a remote session to set up my router. I can log into and play other games on my net duma.
  10. I have done a factory reset on router, and when I enter the password from serial # it doesn't work and it won't except the previous password I gave it
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