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  1. I cannot get the vpn on my netduma to work at all. Im currently using switchVPN's service, and I even followed their video tutorial of setting it up with the netduma. I need assistance ASAP.
  2. I fixed the problem. Apparently my little brother was playing pokemon Go on his pc using an android emulator (connected to the netduma) and psn was picking that up as a DDOS attack. As soon as we disconnected all the devices from the router one at a time and tested, we found out what was the problem.
  3. I contacted them but it lead to me having to call verizon and have them change my IP address. Anyone has verizon here and uses netduma in the US?
  4. My neighbor has optimum internet and I was playing just fine on their internet connection, then decided to connect the netduma and their IP got banned also. I'm enraged and puzzled at the same time.
  5. PSN has contacted me saying that my network has a device that is being identified as malicious on their system. The only device i have connected to my network is my ps4 and netduma r1 router. I requested for a new IP address from verizon and disconnected the netduma, and everything was fine. As soon as i reconnected the netduma, the IP was blocked again. What should I do?
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