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  1. ive been using the older original R1 router for a few years now with no issue at all (except things my ownself messed up, which you guys helped me with, thank you!) and yesterday out of nowhere the internet just stopped working? i thought my internet went out (sometimes it will drop for a few mins at a time) so i didnt really look into it at all until today when i woke up and its still not working. i have basic knowledge of networking so i plugged my ps4 straight into the modem and it works fine. i go back to going thru the R1 and i have no internet at all? so weird. my laptop still connects to the R1 network just no internet. any ideas of possible fixes would be so greatly appreciated! in the meantime i hooked up an old router i had laying around. id much prefer to use the R1.
  2. yea same thing here i didnt mean to come off like a dick its my fault i dont use this forum much i have posted before yesterday and probably never saw your response. i absolutly love your router!!
  3. i was just told to reply here for upgrade. i am on version 1.03.3 can i please get some help this is like the third time ive tried to do this with no luck. so my original post was 8 hours ago now. its 2:41pm which means it is 7:41pm in the uk i doubt you guys are still working? i guess i wait longer.
  4. hi i was sent here by fraser from twitter. i think i may have posted here a few weeks ago then never followed up with it. but i am trying to get my firmware upgraded. thank you. my name is the same as twitter.
  5. I am on an older version than 1.03.5 (Im on 1.03.3) I have remote access ticked and i want to upgrade my router
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