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  1. Nice 😎 Thanks very much for that chaps and good to see you’re all keeping well.
  2. Thanks guys, does the XR500 ship with Duma OS 3.0 (or whatever the latest equivalent is, I’m a little out of touch) ?
  3. Awesome, thanks for confirming for me Fraser, and glad I checked before I splashed the cash ! So will the XR500 let me do what I'm planning to do ?
  4. Hi guys, I’m weighing up buying a new router as I’ve recently had fibre installed, and the ISP router’s Wi-Fi is pretty naff. I was looking at one of the Netgear Nighthawk XR1000s with it having Wi-Fi 6. From reading some reviews though it sounds like there are drawbacks to this router when it comes to using a VPN with it. I’ve got a subscription to ExpressVPN and ideally I’d like to apply the VPN settings to the router, but I also want the ability to select which individual devices on my network are protected by the VPN. Is it possible for me to fulfil this use case with the XR1000 ? Or do I need to look at another router ?
  5. Oh cool, does that mean I can go straight to the beta for V3.0 ? Thanks
  6. Hey guys, checking back in after being AWOL for ages, I'm still using the R1 and I'm on v2.1.2.10 of the firmware, how do I go about upgrading to the latest version ?
  7. Lovely thanks for that, I'll have a read now.
  8. We do have the option of connecting via our mobiles which are on 4G, I'm not sure I've seen one of the hotspot routers you're referring to, could you link me to an example ?
  9. Now then Duma fam, long time no speak, so I hope you're all keeping well during these crazy times ! With the outbreak of COVID in the UK I like many other people's working world has been turned upside down. From being predominantly office based I'm now looking forward to working from home for the forseeable future, which got me thinking about how screwed I'd be if anything happened to my internet connection (we're with Sky at the moment). I was curious if anyone in here is in similar circumstances to me and whether you have a backup internet connection or some sort of solution to make sure you can stay online if your day to day ISP goes down. I know some colleagues who've had issues with Virgin and Vodafone during the lockdown and it's been a proper pain in the arse for them. I'm also in the position where because I work for myself, not being able to get online could potentially impact my ability to work - and if I don't work I don't get paid, so it's worth me giving some serious consideration. Interested to hear what you techno wizards have in place !
  10. Hiya, I meant just doing a reboot. I seem to remember on the old OS that if you didn’t do it a particular way it would lose your device names. To be honest my question is a bit redundant now because I’ve rebooted the R1 by unplugging it’s power cable (I was having issues not being able to access the GUI) and when I logged back into the GUI I could see that the devices I’d named were still there 😎
  11. Ok so putting the R1 in the DMZ has worked a treat. I now have an Xbox One connected directly to the R1 and an Xbox One X connected to the R1 via a powerline adaptor and both have an open NAT 🙌🏻 Glad I’ve got this sorted because now I can concentrate on learning how to find my way around the Duma OS interface.
  12. Cheers Admin I'll take a look. I've followed the instructions re: putting the R1 in the DMZ and that doesn't seem to have sorted things yet, but I think I'll need to reboot the BT router, the R1 and the Xbox One X and then test again.
  13. Lovely, thanks very much for this, I'd never have figured this out on my own ! I'll give it a whirl and let you know how I get on.
  14. It's a BT Smart Hub, we're on the Infinity 2 service, so does that mean I'll need to put the R1 into it's DMZ ?
  15. Hi guys, so I've got my Xbox One hooked up directly to the R1 and I'm getting a Moderate NAT type and a double NAT detected. How do I change this to become an Open NAT type ?
  16. Hi guys, I received my new R1 a couple of days ago and managed to install DumaOS with no issues. I'm setting it up now to suit me and I'm renaming all of the devices it's found on the network. I remember on the previous version of the software there was a step you had to follow to make sure the R1 remembers any names you've plugged in in case you need to reset it. Is there a similar step you need to follow with DumaOS ?
  17. I'm having a similar experience. It's taking several minutes for the interface to appear after I've entered my login details. At the moment I'm trying to login to disable wifi on the R1 because it's interfering with the wifi broadcast by my BT hub. I know the idea is to funnel all traffic through the R1, but I'm finding that the wifi signal it broadcasts just doesn't seem to reach everywhere in my house. I live in a two up two down terrace and the R1 is in my living room. I regularly find that when I'm upstairs my iPhone will lose connectivity to the R1. Annoyingly when I first upgraded about a fortnight or so ago one of the first things I did was to disable wifi on the R1, but somehow it appears to have become available again because devices are picking it up as an available network.
  18. OK so I've tested out connecting two different laptops to port 3 on the R1 and nothing happens at all. Is it possible that port is faulty ?
  19. Hi guys, I'm getting this error message appearing when I try to access the R1's network settings. Anyone else had this ? https://imgur.com/a/U9fBSKn
  20. Hi, I'll try two different devices on it and then report back.
  21. Hey guys, I mentioned earlier that port #3 on my R1 isn't working, would you be able to check it out and let me know what's up ? Cheers Dom
  22. Got it working - successfully updated to Thanks, I'll have a gander to get my head around the new features !
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