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  1. So I have to copy the full text in the .ovpn file to the box? It just seemed a little bit much. I was actually trying to just move the whole file. This is the full text... client remote es-bl-ovudp-01.jumptoserver.com 4443 proto udp comp-lzo mssfix persist-key persist-tun dev tun auth SHA256 auth-user-pass tls-client <ca> -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- MIIFQjCCAyqgAwIBAgIIUfxepT+rr8owDQYJKoZIhvcNAQEMBQAwPzELMAkGA1UE BhMCS1kxEzARBgNVBAoTCkZhc3Rlc3RWUE4xGzAZBgNVBAMTEkZhc3Rlc3RWUE4g Um9vdCBDQTAeFw0xNzA5MTYwMDAxNDZaFw0yNzA5MTQwMDAxNDZaMD8xCzAJBgNV BAYTAktZMRMwEQYDVQQKEwpGYXN0ZXN0VlBOMRswGQYDVQQDExJGYXN0ZXN0VlBO IFJvb3QgQ0EwggIiMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4ICDwAwggIKAoICAQC1Xj+WfPTo zFynFqc+c3CVrggIllaXEl5bY5VgFynXkqCTM6lSrfC4pNjGXUbqWe6RnGJbM4/6 kUn+lQDjFSQV1rzP2eDS8+r5+X2WXh4AoeNRUWhvSG+HiHD/B2EFK+Nd5BRSdUjp KWAtsCmT2bBt7nT0jN1OdeNrLJeyF8siAqv/oQzKznF9aIe/N01b2M8ZOFTzoXi2 fZAckgGWui8NB/lzkVIJqSkAPRL8qiJLuRCPVOX1PFD8vV//R8/QumtfbcYBMo6v Ck2HmWdrh5OQHPxb3KJtbtG+Z1j8x6HGEAe17djYepBiRMyCEQvYgfD6tvFylc4I quhqE9yaP60PJod5TxpWnRQ6HIGSeBm+S+rYSMalTZ8+pUqOOA+IQCYpfpx6EKIJ L/VsW2C7cXdvudxDhXPI5lR/QidCb9Ohq3WkfxXaYwzrngdg2avmNqId9R4KESuM 9GoHW0dszfyBCh5wYfeaffMElfDam3B92NUwyhZwtIiv623WVXY9PPz+EDjSJsIA u2Vi1vdJyA4nD4k9Lwmx/1zTc/UaYVLsiBqL2WdfvFTeoWoV+dNxQXSEPhB8gwi8 x4O4lZW0cwVy/6fa8KMY8gZbcbSTr7U5bRERfW8l+jY+mYKQ/M/ccgpxaHiw1/+4 LWfbJQ7VhJJrTyN0C36FQzY1URkSXg+53wIDAQABo0IwQDAPBgNVHRMBAf8EBTAD AQH/MA4GA1UdDwEB/wQEAwIBBjAdBgNVHQ4EFgQUmVEL4x6xdCqiqu2OBLs27EA8 xGYwDQYJKoZIhvcNAQEMBQADggIBABCpITvO1+R4T9v2+onHiFxU5JjtCZ0zkXqR CMp/Z0UIYbeo1p07pZCPAUjBfGPCkAaR++OiG9sysALdJf8Y6HQKcyuAcWUqQnaI hoZ2JcAP7EKq7uCqsMhcYZD/j3O/3RPtSW5UOx6ItDU+Ua0t9Edho9whNw0VQXmo 1JjYoP3FzPjuKoDWTSO1q5eYlZfwcTcs55O2shNkFafPg/6cCm5j6v9nyHrM3sk4 LjkrBPUXVx2m/aoz219t8O9Ha9/CdMKXsPO/8gTUzpgnzSgPnGnBmi5xr1nspVN8 X4E2f3D+DKqBim3YgslD68NcuFQvJ0/BxZzWVbrr+QXoyzaiCgXuogpIDc2bB6oR XqFnHNz36d4QJmJdWdSaijiS/peQ6EOPgOZ1GuObLWlDCBZLNeQ+N6QaiJxVO4XU j/s22i1IRtwdz84TRHrbWiIpEymsqmb/Ep5r4xV5d6+791axclfOTH7tQrY/SbPt TJI4OEgNekI8YfadQifpelF82MsFFEZuaQn0lj+fvLGtE/zKh3OdLTxRc5TAgBB+ 0T81+JQosygNr2aFFG0hxar1eyw/gLeG8H+7Ie50pyPvXO4OgB6Key8rSExpilQX lvAT1qX0qS3/K1i/9QkSE9ftIPT6vtwLV2sVQzfyanI4IZgWC6ryhvNLsRn0NFnQ clor0+aq -----END CERTIFICATE----- </ca> key-direction 1 <tls-auth> -----BEGIN OpenVPN Static key V1----- 697fe793b32cb5091d30f2326d5d124a 9412e93d0a44ef7361395d76528fcbfc 82c3859dccea70a93cfa8fae409709bf f75f844cf5ff0c237f426d0c20969233 db0e706edb6bdf195ec3dc11b3f76bc8 07a77e74662d9a800c8cd1144ebb67b7 f0d3f1281d1baf522bfe03b7c3f963b1 364fc0769400e413b61ca7b43ab19fac 9e0f77e41efd4bda7fd77b1de2d7d785 5cbbe3e620cecceac72c21a825b243e6 51f44d90e290e09c3ad650de8fca99c8 58bc7caad584bc69b11e5c9fd9381c69 c505ec487a65912c672d83ed0113b5a7 4ddfbd3ab33b3683cec593557520a72c 4d6cce46111f56f3396cc3ce7183edce 553c68ea0796cf6c4375fad00aaa2a42 -----END OpenVPN Static key V1----- </tls-auth> tls-cipher TLS-DHE-RSA-WITH-AES-256-GCM-SHA384:TLS-DHE-RSA-WITH-AES-256-CBC-SHA256:TLS-DHE-RSA-WITH-CAMELLIA-256-CBC-SHA:TLS-DHE-RSA-WITH-AES-256-CBC-SHA:TLS-RSA-WITH-CAMELLIA-256-CBC-SHA:TLS-RSA-WITH-AES-256-CBC-SHA cipher AES-256-CBC ping-timer-rem
  2. I'm trying to add an .OVPN file into the advanced tab in hybrid vpn. Now when I try to drag and drop, chrome simply refreshes the page and opens the whole file. It also won't let me copy and paste. Is there a trick to this that I'm missing?
  3. I think Fraser has already thought about implementing this, as his reply in the old post would suggest.
  4. So I asked this question about 18 months back and I've been waiting patiently. Can we do this on the DumaOS? Could you point me in the right direction to set this up? Original post for reference.
  5. OK... I've been on holiday hence the delay. I've recorded the last 25 games for you. There are only 22 IDs as it put me on the same server a few times. I'm located in the south of England which is only 18 miles away from the UK server with a ping of 9! You can see why I always want to get that server. The Irish server is 345 miles away and the German server is 383 miles away. Actual recognised servers (that I can temp ban) have been marked with a * ID: 3c34b580d1db3338 Distance: 18mi* ID: 5c3405d0d1fb3338 Distance: 18mi* ID: ef3432fdd18e3338 Distance: 18mi* ID: d812dda8af777d82 Distance: 18mi ID: b923d19cc058adb2 Distance: 18mi ID: de2312ddc07dacb1 Distance: 18mi ID: d51226f1af747d82 Distance: 18mi ID: ff3428f3d19e0c11 Distance: 345mi* ID: e0363e09d37fe0e5 Distance: 345mi* ID: ff36f4bfd39e959a Distance: 345mi* ID: 4122521dbfe0eff4 Distance: 345mi ID: 6022b984bfffecf1 Distance: 345mi ID: 1022420dbfaff1f6 Distance: 345mi ID: 8b22c590bf2af0f5 Distance: 345mi ID: 3f224c17bfdef4f9 Distance: 345mi ID: d322eab5bf72eff4 Distance: 345mi ID: cb225c27bf6af2f7 Distance: 345mi ID: d7229c67bf76f0f5 Distance: 345mi ID: 4d12b782afecbec3 Distance: 383mi ID: 6c1227f2af0bbec3 Distance: 383mi ID: d612d7a2af75c0c5 Distance: 383mi ID: d512420daf74b3b8 Distance: 383mi Is it very odd that there are so many? Like I say... I only connected to a duplicate server 3 times out of 25 games. Thanks for your help.
  6. I was uploading the video to youtube hence the delay in posting and the similarities in my post to the previous post. I hadn't seen Victor's post. Quoting us both with a copy and a paste not only looks sarcastic but just plain rude! You've answered his question but missed most of mine out. Anyway... Why isn't it recognising the UK and Germany as servers that we can temp ban? This whole update seems completely futile. DMC. Thanks for taking the time to reply. The ping assist shouldn't make any difference. The way the Duma has worked in the past is that it should block a connection to anything outside my radius. Which it is doing. The problem is, as Fraser said, it's still attempting to load the game on a blocked server (outside the allowed zone). Whether it was blocked with the radius or with the ping, the result would be the same. This leads to a long loading screen and a kick. Friends get in the game but you don't. I think the length of the wait is the amount of time it would actually take to put you on the battle bus. So it's about 2 minutes of the loading screen. So if with friends then you can't use the geofilter and if you're by yourself and have the patience, then you have to wait for a good few server disconnects before you get into your desired server. Probably takes a little longer for me as there are 3 servers in Europe.
  7. I think I must be doing something wrong and wonder if you could help me. I made a video of several attempts to join the UK server. I'll leave the link below. Now... The problem as I see it... The only server that is flagging up as a server is the one in Ireland (Which I can temp ban). The UK and Germany servers don't seem to be recognised as servers. I also don't understand why the game is trying to force me onto a server when my Geofilter shouldn't allow it. Honestly. It only puts me on the UK server about 1 in 5 times (I get a 9ms ping). It's very monotonous waiting for the game to load, knowing it's not going to. The only solution for me is to not use the Geofilter. But that kind of defeats the purpose of the latest cloud upgrade. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I was hoping we could use so I could utilize my hard drive as a NAS drive via the USB. Will this be an option in the near future? Seems a waste as I'm sure you can do this with the RB951G-2HnD without your software.
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