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  1. @Netduma Fraserdo I keep the default DMZ server on sky hub as R2?
  2. @Netduma AlexThank you for your reply. I think it must be something to do with my settings. I'm pretty sure of it. Those who have commented above all have open nat types when using the R2 and have sky hub modems..... Any practical support would help...a video, a telephone call, a blog/detailed step by step instruction for those setting up the R2 with a sky hub with a PS4? @[email protected]@scoobypreza Thanks everyone - Eddie
  3. PS4 is automatic at the moment, not static. Ports are opened on sky hub and R2. How do you put the sky hub in bridge mode?
  4. Hi Scoopypreza, Burger100, Thank you for your help. I've tried your suggestions but still no luck. I've given my ps4 a static IP in the DHCP on the R2 then put that address in the DMZ section and still no luck. i have literally tried everything i can to this point i think.... Thanks Eddie
  5. I rebooted the sky router, turned off the PS4. Unfortunately still no luck....
  6. Hi Scoobypreza, Thank you for your response. I have done exactly as you've suggested. Unfortunately no change. I'm sure it's something small that needs changing or switching off/on but I'm not sure what.... Thanks Eddie
  7. Hello, Could anyone help me get an open NAT type on my PS4 please? My NAT type is currently Moderate (COD:Modern Warfare). I have a Sky Broadband Modem and Netduma R2 Router. I have followed all the instructions as suggested in the optimal settings guide but still no luck: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000076587-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-open-nat I have done the following; UPnP - is currently enabled in both my modem (sky broadband) & Netduma R2. Port Forwarding - All ports associated with COD:Modern Warfare have been opened in my modem and Netduma R2. I added the PS4 IP address when doing this. DMZ - Both enabled on my modem and Netduma R2. Modem has Netduma R2 IP address in whilst Netduma R2 has the PS4 IP address in. Geofilter - filtering mode & strict mode switch off. Thanks for your help, Eddie
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