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  1. Ok thanks for the input, I am going to work on it tonight after I get home from work. I will post here if I make any head way, hopefully it will help you out also. I really hope I can figure it out, happy wife is a happy life and she had to go to work sick today because I can't figure this out, so needless to say she isn't happy with Netduma right now haha
  2. Have you tried going through Global Protect's troubleshooting options? I'm just wondering whether I should go through their site and try using those options or if its just a waste of time.
  3. QoS is disabled and she is still having issues with connecting to Global Protect.
  4. I am having a similar issue with connecting the GlobalProtect VPN to my DumaOS. This was also an issue with the original R1 firmware, however, we were able to find a workaround with this when we checked off something to do with deep packet, sorry I cant remember exactly which tab that was under. My wife did not have any issues with connecting after that. I installed the new OS this past Friday and today when my wife went to sign into her VPN, she started to have problems again. She tells me she can connect to the VPN, however, she is not allowed to access any of her databases. Is there an option in the new OS that will resolve the issue similar to the deep packet fix we found previously?
  5. So this has been a complete cluster. Modem may have been bad but I brought they new one home and no difference in performance. Long story short, the wiring in the office is shot. ISP is coming tomorrow to run a new line. I have relocated the modem to the original position and have not had an issue since. Fraser and Jack, Thank you so much for helping me through this ordeal. It truly does mean alot as a consumer, that you both are willing to stay humble and work with me. Unlike the ISP that never wants to admit fault. Not once has this issue been on your end yet you still tried to do what you could to help me. Thank you very much, my loyality to Netduma is unwavering. You have a customer for life. I wish you the best with your future successes.
  6. I did as you said and I could not reconnect to the internet. I then disconnected the R1 and hooked directly into the modem. At this point I could not connect through the modem at all. Called the ISP and the tech could not correct the issue. I am at the cable company now swapping out equipment. It appears as if my port may have been broken. I hope this is the end of the issues. Thank you again for the assistance, I do appreciate it.
  7. Will do. I will be home at 4 pm EST, so I probably wont have any more info until tomorrow.
  8. ISP came and fixed some of the wiring and hardware at my house. I am still dealing with issues with staying connected to the internet through my R1. I will be unhooking my R1 later today and try running off my modem/router from the ISP. If I can stay connected through that route, what should I do? My wife works from home a few times a week and I need to have reliable internet. I really like your product but I am getting an overwhelming feeling that Im in over my head here.
  9. I bought my R1 about 2 years ago. I have it plugged in to a power strip, not certain off the top of my head if its surge protected.
  10. I have a Ubee DDW36C modem provided by Time Warner Cable soon to be Spectrum. I have a tech coming for the ISP on wednesday afternoon to check out my hardware and wiring. I spoke with my ISP yesterday and had disconnected my R1 during the conversation. Afterwards I plugged my R1 back in, I was able to hold a connection to the internet through the night. Not sure if it is still connected because Im at work now but thought that was an interesting observation. I also had a thought last night that I figured I run by you. Could it be possible that my R1 was damaged during the power outage? Is it possible that it would still work intermittently? Or if the router is damaged would it not work at all?
  11. The internet in general will drop out until I reboot the modem. It will work after that. My fear though is that if I keep forcing a reboot will result in my equipment failing.
  12. I am still having issues. For some reason about every 6 to 12 hours the internet is completely cut out. Should I contact my ISP? Seems odd that the R1 would be causing this.
  13. Settings have been changed. Everything seems fine right now, I will let you know if there are any issues. Thank you for the help. Just thought of a question. Should my modem and R1 be on the same channel. I turned my wifi off on the modem and noticed it was on channel 11 and my R1 is on channel 1. Gut instinct is, it doesn't matter because its turned off, however, I just want to be certain.
  14. http://imgur.com/a/qDxOd I was having trouble uploading through the forum post so I attached the link. I have not been able to mess with the settings yet, that is my plan for tonight. I will post my results afterwards. The router is now located in our office, the only wireless devices in that room are our cell phones when we are in there.
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