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  1. I too would like to know, I have a similar setup. Vigor 130 does PPPoE passthrough and also has an ip of So the XR500 does the PPPoE login fine. On Asus routers and most other routers, to be able to view the modem's config page, you would create a wan ip alias or extra virtual interface on the wan of the router, using something like: ifconfig eth0:0 netmask The xr500 doesn't work with this, but should be possible using an alternative command, just don't know the syntax to use to get it to work. This then allows everyone to browse the net as normal without double nat, but also allows you to login to modems page to check stats, update firmware etc.
  2. Sorry, can't test it now. No longer have it. Cheers for the help over the past couple of months.
  3. Make sure with windows 10 that in file explorer you click on network and change the network to private. If you don't do this, Windows won't find any devices on your network at all as windows firewall blocks any workgroup browsing as it assumes all newly connected networks are public until told otherwise.
  4. Several ps4's, 2 ps3's a WiiU, around 3 Switches and a few Vitas all on standby. Already on the latest firmware and auto update is disabled. Only one of the ps4 consoles is connected via ethernet and I've tried it going directly into xr500 and also a netgear gs108t switch as I figured the router might not like the ps4 going into 100mb Ethernet when it's asleep.
  5. Same result unfortunately. Was working brilliantly all day yesterday, then when I woke up it had disconnected the wan port in the middle of the night, tried rebooting via the gui, problem remained. Powered it off then on again and works fine again.
  6. It is indeed. Don't have any other spare routers at the moment, so the linksys is in use with the xr500 hanging off the back of it while testing for now. XR500 still falls over. It's my second xr500 as the 1st one chose to never save it's config when it fell over and required setting up from factory settings everytime it was powered off, so there is some improvement I guess. It's so close to greatness, yet so far away as I can't use a router that requires a daily reboot. Stability should come before any additional features. Out of interest and for testing, is there an option to disable the duma stack from loading to test if it still falls over when just using the basic netgear portion of the firmware? (I imagine it will still crash as it looks to be the netgear side that falls over)
  7. I'm mostly using my linksys wrt32x lately, waiting to see if a firmware ever becomes available that doesn't fall over every other day requiring a power off and on at the switch to fix will come along. Perhaps I just have too many devices in my house for this router to cope? (45-50 devices online at times)
  8. Can't be done on this router, needs a 2nd virtual wan port creating that can point to I've set it up on Asus, Synology, Ubiquiti etc, but not had any success on any of the netgears unfortunately.
  9. To do that, any router that supports the use of openvpn. So, pretty much any asus router that is capble of running Asus Merlin comes to mind as being the easiest way.
  10. Well, upnp specifically won't respond to manual port forward requests from a qnap. Synology, any version of plex or my make shift Linux web server , previous versions would open ports via upnp fine, they just do not open/ fail the requests on this firmware so is a bigger issue than just the gui. But for gaming, a moderate Nat should suffice for most games
  11. With a full factory reset, other than upnp being wonky, this is a solid release for me. Running way smoother than previous releases and upnp not mapping correctly for my devices doesn't stop them getting a moderate Nat, so that's not the end of the world. Try it, can always rollback to the old version if it doesn't work for you.
  12. Well, I could do. But as I specify on the qnap which ports to be available, I shouldn't have to. Any other devices on my home network I don't care about security wise so upnp is a decent fit for me. That and I can't be bothered to port forward 10 different consoles or when relatives pop around. Doing IT for a living. I don't take my work home with me
  13. Upnp appears to be pretty much broken in this release, though my consoles are still getting a moderate Nat. Just my qnap and plexiglass server have been completely blocked for now on this update, when they worked perfectly prior to the update
  14. I'd agree with BIG_DOG on this. In general for small releases you can get away without a factory reset. However, all it takes is for netgear/linksys/asus or any other brand of router to update the WiFi driver or Ethernet driver and introduce a new range of default parameters that into the config that can't be applied because of the old settings, so unfortunately most of the time: Any issues after an upgrade, Reset and try again..
  15. 1 issue found so far. UPnP is not mapping any devices at all. Consoles can usually be spotty at the best of times, but my Qnap and plex are generally rock solid at forcing ports opened when they specify them and they are unable to set the upnp on the router at all at the moment. Error log for PnP from the Qnap if it provides any useful info: ------ NAT PMP Diagnostics ------ initnatpmp() returned 0 (SUCCESS) using gateway : sendpublicaddressrequest returned 2 (SUCCESS) readnatpmpresponseorretry returned -7 (FAILED) ------ UPnP Diagnostics ------ upnpc : miniupnpc library test client. © 2006-2011 Thomas Bernard Go to http://miniupnp.free.fr/or http://miniupnp.tuxfamily.org/ for more information. List of UPNP devices found on the network : desc: st: urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:InternetGatewayDevice:1 Found valid IGD : Local LAN ip address : Connection Type : IP_Routed Status : Connected, uptime=1526565595s, LastConnectionError : ERROR_NONE Time started : Mon Jan 19 07:17:13 1970 MaxBitRateDown : 1000000 bps MaxBitRateUp 1000000 bps ExternalIPAddress = 80.xxx.xx.xx GetGenericPortMappingEntry() returned 713 (SpecifiedArrayIndexInvalid) INFO: No any UPnP port mapping entry is found.
  16. Thanks, I just did a factory reset in the end. With it being Geo-Filter that was the only thing that had issues, the 2 devices listed in Geo-Filter were my PS4's and they were both still on and connected. Strange. Still sorted now, performance has been a lot better for me so far, looks like a decent firmware
  17. Upgrade has gone well for me and device is generally running a lot better. Geo filter is being a pain with saying uncaught unmatched device. There any telnet / ssh command to clear the geo filter without doing a factory reset?
  18. I wouldn't use Asus for dual wan, it's not very reliable. I'd go with a synology rt2600 ac if you're after an all in one consumer friendly device that does dual wan well.
  19. Well in good news, netgear came to same conclusion as me and are replacing it as it seems the flash chip is buggered on it. Hopefully xr500 number 2 will be stable to go along with the awesome pings it was getting
  20. Hi Fraser, don't worry about it. I've worked out the issue on my xr500 now. It doesn't save the config at any point when in use so the config is lost and results in a factory reset whenever it is rebooted, so just going to get in touch with netgear for an RMA for one that can write to flash memory. I'm guessing this from the log saying when it boots up that no backup config is found then proceeds to run the 1st boot wizard. Does it on the older firmware too that I have Reverted back to.
  21. No call number ticket as I didn't stick around long enough to be honest. It's not unique to this product that they'll say such things. On a previous nighthawk router r7000 I think they said that they didn't support igmp and vlan tagging for bt vision and the lower model did, so buy the cheaper one to get bt vision to work. Appears to be common practice for me. (I suspect they have a permanent divert for my mobile number that sends me to netgear hell.) As said, happy with the netduma portion of the router and overall I was hoping that it would be netgear supplying the hardware (which to be fair is always excellent) and you guys would have completely control on the firmware and software side of things. Alas it appears that they only granted you access to top layer of the firmware to add plugins to their firmware
  22. That is with telephone support. Literally, you should have bought the cheaper router was their response. Hence I'm stuck using a Wrt32x (1st World problems I know, not exactly a bad router, if not dare I say faster and way more stable than an xr500) until something resembling a stable router appears from this purchase.
  23. Only issue with netgear support is that frankly it's the worst support of any router company and not once, be it as an enterprise customer, or consumer have I ever received any level of support beyond, can you do a factory reset and that's a known issue, use xyz router instead.
  24. For now I've given up until a new firmware comes along. Using a Wrt32x in the meantime as it became too frequent.
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