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  1. I’m not sure how this is a solution. Presumably your phone then can’t interact with any other devices on your main network.
  2. Can’t say that I have. I’m not sure it’s going to be able to help - GlobalProtect has worked for me on every connection/network I’ve ever used, except for under the NetDuma, so it’s something specific to the Duma software. I’m not sure the troubleshooting would give any advice around how to tweak that, but by all means give it a go!
  3. Yeah I don’t think you’re going to have any luck with the current build. I’d tried just about every possible settings combination trying to get mine working and nothing did.
  4. Hi Jack, Apologies for delay in response. I bought it 5th March 2016, so it’s a little on the older side. I spent more time doing speed tests on different firmware versions, with maddeningly inconsistent results. - I was very briefly able to get full speed when reverting back to the old R1 firmware rather than DumaOS, although after a reboot the speeds went back to 160Mbps or so. - I actually get faster speeds (but still too slow in absolute terms) out of the downstream Nighthawk R7000 wired connection, than I do from plugging directly into the R1 Duma. Makes absolutely no sense to me, given all traffic to the nighthawk has to go via the Duma. - across R1 firmware and different milestone versions of DumaOS, I’m seeing pretty much consistent speeds of around 160Mbps (apart from the one-off attempt noted above). Pretty stuck really, don’t know what options I have other than getting a new router. I’m wary about upgrading to a newer DumaOS device though, given the Duma software is still blocking my workVPN and WiFi calling, so likely not practical for me until those are resolved. Reluctant to move away from the brand though as it’s served me well for a few years now! I’ll be mulling things over for a while I think!
  5. So I tried the factory reset, no change to the speed results on factory settings, and no change also when putting back to my previous settings. Just finished doing some more testing, all direct ethernet cable into the Duma or Superhub respectively: - Speeds, whether in the Superhub's DMZ, or with the Superhub in Modem mode, are largely equivalent it seems. I'm averaging around 150Mbps in each (varying between around 130Mbps and 180Mbps in tests; no other network traffic at the same time). A little surprising to me, as I'm sure the modem mode had previously yielded better results a while back (>200Mbps). - Again, plugging a cable directly into the Superhub yielded a far greater speed - a solid 380Mbps. Unless there's a deficiency in both the Superhub's modem mode, and in it's DMZ feature, the above would suggest it's the R1 itself that's bottlenecking things. The key features of the R1 I use are the QoS (and good uPnP implementation for open NATs) to allow for Plex streaming from my home server, at the same time as playing games online on multiple consoles. - I'm honestly at a bit of a loss as to what to do here - while it's functional, it's a real shame to be losing out on more than half my bandwidth in getting effective QoS. Just now I'm pretty much just throwing money at Virgin Media without getting the benefit of what I'm paying for! I really appreciate the help you've both provided, but I think at this stage it's looking like I'll have to investigate what other routers are out there with effective (if not necessarily quite as user friendly as the Duma!) QoS / uPnP abilities. If you have any further suggestions though they'd still be appreciated! Thanks.
  6. Hi both. Had a play around, both versions are showing me the slow speeds so it can't have been a result of updating. I have no idea what has changed since I first set this all up, but for whatever reason the speeds must have dropped down on the Duma at some point and I only noticed after updating the firmware. Seems I'm back to square one in getting a setup with decent speeds! I've tried re-applying the original options suggested (turning off uPnP, WifI, etc, on the Superhub) to no avail - seems the Duma just doesn't do well in the Superhub DMZ, and modem mode is still not an option for me given the Duma blocks my work VPN. I'll try as you suggest Fraser, and do a complete factory reset - will let you know how I get on. Thanks again.
  7. Hi Jack, just checking - is the above method suitable for downgrading from one version of DumaOS to another, rather than from DumaOS to original R1 firmware? Have tried removing R1 and re-adding, but no change. Settings were the same as before, WAN IP hadn't changed for the R1 and so it was still configured correctly in the Superhub.
  8. Have double checked, no change to IP address, superhub also still configured correctly. Is there a way I can downgrade to previous version/milestone to make absolutely sure it’s this update that caused the problem?
  9. Hi Fraser, Just upgraded to milestone 1.3, have noticed a significant decrease in download speeds (given the exercise I went through per above posts, I know that the speed through the Duma was satisfactory previously - believe I was seeing around 250Mbps on a direct wired connection (of a 300Mbs connection). My maximum download speed now is only around 160Mbs.I noted user "infernomachine" commented that they'd also seen an impact on their speeds upon upgrade - see Duma Admin response at: Connecting directly to the Virgin Media Superhub immediately after the 160Mbs Duma result, actually gave me a download speed of 370Mbps on speedtest.net (it's easy for me to jump between them and compare given the Duma is just in the DMZ of the Superhub). Nothing has been changed recently on the Superhub either. So I'm seeing a very severe difference in speeds compared to my potential maximum, and a severe drop in speeds from 250Mbps down to 160Mbps upon upgrade to milestone 1.3. Has this been identified as a recognised issue? It would appear not from the Netduma Admin response above, but it definitely seems like something's up. NeeWii
  10. Sorry to press the issue, but just wanted to see if there had been any progress made with this yet? It's causing an absolute nightmare in my home - real difficulties for phone calls here without Wifi calling working properly. It's getting to the point that I may have to consider stripping Duma out of my setup altogether to keep the peace here. Thanks.
  11. Any update/acknowledgement from Netduma team as to whether this is a recognised issue and if there is progress being made to resolve? Wifi calling also does not work for me under DumaOS on R1 - using iPhone 8 on Vodafone UK. Thanks,
  12. Thanks Fraser. It seems disabling UPnP has done the trick to get the Duma up to decent speeds while under the DMZ. The current setup is a decent workaround then until someone can look at what causes the DumaOS to block certain VPNs.
  13. Thanks Fraser, that would be greatly appreciated. Happy to help troubleshoot if needed. In the meantime I've gone with my suggested workaround, with the R1 within the Superhub DMZ. For some reason in this configuration the speed I get is only around 130Mbps; using modem mode instead on the superhub gives me around 260Mbps (a 350Mbps connection but I figure the R1 is strained above 200Mbps). It's not wifi interference as disabling wifi on the superhub doesn't improve anything, only changing back to modem mode increases the bandwidth back to normal. Have you come across this before? Are there settings in the superhub that should be disabled when R1 is in its DMZ or something? I can't see anything about QoS or similar to disable in the superhub menu, I had thought something like that might be the cause.
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